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    Well I just got mIRC a couple of days ago and have been having fun in the chat XD. Well the power went out thanks to a really huge storm a little earlier, and I had mIRC running, now whenever I open it it opens for like 2 seconds then closes, and doesn't even give me an error, can someone help me?

    I guess this was the right place to put this don't know where else to.

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    Strange. I'd try clearing your personal settings, or reinstalling it. That, or you could try another client like Chatzilla, or xchat until you've figured it out.

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    This belongs to Computers and Games.

    But re-install it, or... Turn your computer off and on again. :V

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    Moved to Computers&Games.

    Unless you have done lots of customizing to your mIRC program (I doubt you have within a couple of days!), just remove the program and reinstall it. Only takes a minute or two!


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