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    Hi All!

    So i finally purchased some cloth nappies and plastic pants from a place just outside of Brisbane.

    The only issue though.....

    i have no idea how to fold them!

    Not only that - i have googled and watched videos but i just cannot seem to get it right - the pins i use (proper ones they are 2.5 - 3 inches) just don't seem to offer the snug fit that a disposable does.

    Can anyone please give me some pointers/ tips please??

    also after you answer put either yes or no (yes i use cloth) or (no i do not)

    ta guys and girls!

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    i use cloth and, to be honest, you could sit there for hours figuring out which way to fold your nappy. it's just a matter of trial and error, of finding a way that suits you. of course, that'd mean wearing quite a lot

    nowadays, i just fold over the front's sides to form a vague V and then pull out the sides to wrap around my hips and waist. i don't faff about. and i only base any adjustment of the boosting and fitting on whether it's for daytime or nightime use. for a daytime, i use long nappies (basically, a bath-sheet cut in half to give two nappies) which gravitate to the lowest point (as does fluid) and this gives a padded bum feel and look without being bulky between the legs (and when it's wet and sagging, it's around my knees ). at night, i add an extra towel, biased towards the front and secure the nappy as high as possible. any support, if needed, can given by your plastic-pants and anything else you would normally wear.

    i'd say that it's best to just stop caring about how to fold it and just go with the simplest, easiest and quickest solution.

    [on edit] forgot about pinning: often i re-pin after doing both sides; this is because the act of your positioning and pulling of the nappy alters the shape and fit of it. of course, i'm also fixing the nappy at my waist/belly (above the hips), so holding in the belly should work, except that it often doesn't as your stomach will be tensed from trying to look at what you're doing.
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    This is why I wear pre-folds. I just pin the corners, corner to corner and I'm done. The pre-fold does all the work for you.

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