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Thread: The Molicare Super (Air Active Brief) Tapes

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    Default The Molicare Super (Air Active Brief) Tapes

    This is my second post so bear with me lol. I would like to know your opinions on the Molicare Super (Air Active Brief).

    In my opinion they absorb just as a molicare should but making them air active to me ruined the entire diaper. The main part of the diaper is plastic backed but the sides are the soft breathable stuff. My biggest complaint would definately have to be the tapes. I have never had a problem with any diaper when it comes to tapes, but these are just horrible. They have this elastic built into them and they stretch, its almost like wearing underwear, you cant get a tight fit at all, and if youre a heavy wetter like myself the diaper will sag tremendously when it still has some life left in it (very irritating lol). Ive also noticed when I go to bed (well get diapered for bed) I manage to get a perfect fit but when I wake up, at least one tape has broken off and the others are so stretched you have to change right then and there.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Im a strong supporter of molicare (if you saw my other post you will see why lol, guess im a picky bitch :P ) and hope they change it soon. So be sure to let me know what you guys think, as your thoughts and opinions are always greatly appreciated! Stay padded guys and gals!

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    Butterfly Mage


    I hate the redesign too. I stopped using these diapers because the tapes break all the time.

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    Fellow pagan butterfly mage? Yeah I wish they had stuck with the original design (which is oddly enough what they use on the diaper test page on xpmedical) guess we can just hope that they will change the design back. Big time molicare fan here, *havent had a pinhole problem or any problem with molicares they rock lol*.

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    Duck tapes are a must with these diapers, sadly.

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    Your stretching the tapes to tight, simple as that. The diaper tapes are made so the diaper doesn't FEEL tight, while still staying tight, so you can breath, and move, etc... the whole "active" part of the "air active". Try applying the tapes without stretching them at all, and they should work fine.
    I use the Molicare Air Active (not the super) these are full cloth backed with the same tapes, and they work great for me, during the day when your moving around and want something a bit more discreet with some freedom of movement. In my opinion, they made the diaper much better for day use over the old design

    I guess it all depends on what you want, if you dont want a "active" diaper, then use the Super Plus, or switch to something like a Abena plastic backed diaper.

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    Your description matches Molicares I had 'long ago'. I agree they sucked, or better, didn't. I used them backwards fore to get any absorption from them. Currently I also use Molicare Super diapers but without the "(Air Active Brief)". They are normal plastic backed diapers and also the sides are plastic, like any normal diaper. Ooh the tapes. No never had a problem with those. What's been said, Ducktape is your friend.

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    Picture of the tapes
    Tape doesn't stick to cloth in my opinion. I like the elastic, but they need to rethink the stickyness. Maybe something like the velcro-like tabs on the Attends Extended Wear. Those are cool.

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    I did try putting the tapes on not so tight and the diaper ended up sagging really bad. Did you have this problem? I wear large and know that larger diapers dont tend to hold up as well as the small/mediums one do for some reason lol. I thought about going full super plus but its extremely expensive for two cases a month, so im continuing my search for the perfect day time diaper lol.

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    I personally like Abena better. If it were my choice, I would go for the Abena (M/L)2 (Supers).

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    i've still got a few of these left, but i find that Tena-slip are more absorbant and leak less.

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