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Thread: hi so

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    Default hi so

    im still very embarrassed to post anything here ^^;;
    i have been a furry for awhile now and i draw alot of babyfur stuff on my spare time so im thinking maybe i should upload here

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    are you named after somthing in monster hunter? my friends mention rathalos a bunch

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    you can upload here or on Furaffinity. Then link your page from there to here in your sig, when you unlock the sig.

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    If you upload on furaffinity, leave a link to your page for us. I want to see your art!

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    I think it would be cool to see what you've drawn! I look forward to seeing it, especially if your avatar is anything to go by :3

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    Hey! Nice to see you here ^_^ You're a pretty good artist

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    so yeah like by rathalos1 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    this is a rough sketch ^^;p

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    so yeah like by rathalos1 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    rough sketch

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    No need to be embarrassed here, we don't judge people for their ab/tb/dl or furry/babyfur habits just be yourself and you'll see that.

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    Hey! Just saw this, and I'm probably a little too late to reply, but welcome to this side of the community, anyway!
    I thought you might need to know that I was (and kinda still am) in the same situation as you; I was embarrassed to post on mostly anywhere of the site, especially the babyfur section. But I've realised that I'm only being who I am by doing so, and if someone doesn't like that, that's their problem.
    So, yeah! Just be yourself, and you'll get along just fine. Besides, you're an awesome artist, and babyfurs around here fawn over artists like they were gods, most of the time. Which is a bit hypocritical of me to say, because I just wanted to add; YOU DRAW SO ADORABLY!
    I'm serious, keep up the good work on the drawing and you could be something big some day, a recognised name like Kalida or Tavi :3 It's good to have hopes and dreams!

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