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Thread: Thickest Diaper you've worn?

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    Default Thickest Diaper you've worn?

    Hey everyone, just curious as to what the thickest diaper you've worn was. This can include doubling up and so on. Currently I'm wearing a Classico under a Teddy because the Classico had a tear in it and I didn't want to waste it. Gotta say that's the thickest.

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    On the rare occasions I decide to actually use a diaper instead of just wearing one and then taking it off unused I've gone a bit nuts. I usually have a few disposables laying around I've worn and re-worn on two or three occasions. I actually did this last night. I'll take one of those pre-worn ones, in this case a Molicare Super Plus, and slash up the plastic. I also find puncturing the padding helps too. I then put one of the Tranquility Super Plus Contour inserts into a Medium Dry 24/7, which are actually a bit too big for me. I ordered 6 samples of the mediums from XP Medical awhile back and the only time I use them is when doubling up like this.

    In theory that gives me 166 ounces, 1.2 gallons, or 5 liters of capacity. I don't think you actually get that full capacity though when layering like that.

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    Last week I managed to wear an entire pack of Depend Pants in one go. That's 16 reasonably thick diapers on top of each other and alternated front and back leading to a very padded bum!

    Being Depend pants though they were still useless for a lot of wetting, mainly due to the fact it just leaked around the legs and many layers doesn't help this

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    Quote Originally Posted by onecho View Post
    Probably the 12 layer cloth diaper I have on as I write this
    Cloth is the only way to fly!

    My thickest would be when I layer up 4 layers of cloth, fold another 8 layers into soakers, and then fold into a kite fold. After all the folding, the middle soaker section is about 28 layers thick. It literally adds about 8 inches to my waistline. Needless to say, I don't go out in public wearing such a diaper, as I don't own any pants or sweats or anything that would go over them.

    Such a setup usually lasts me an entire evening plus overnight, and that's when I've been going pretty heavy on the water and beer.

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    I'd say without doubling? Thickest I've been in is... A Abena M4.

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    A soaked Bambino under an x-plus. Ended up not even needing the x-plus...

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    Today i received my order from XP Medical of Abena M4s, Molicare Super Plus, and Dry 24/7. The Dry 24/7 is definitely the thickest diaper I have ever worn and is just plain amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbabyx View Post
    Cloth is the only way to fly!
    Yeah, I'm definitely a convert. I still like my disposable SDKs, but the Velcro cloth diapers I got are incredible! So comfortable. Plus, I love how you can have the cover of your choice.

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