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    Default Paw Print Tattoos

    Anyone else consider getting them? My friend drew a paw print on my arm today and it inspired me to get one. I've never had any interest in tattoos before.

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    Tattoos are a wonderful way to express yourself, choose wisely though as they are forever :P

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    Like ThatGuy said, they are a really cool thing to have. Getting a tattoo [at 16] was probably one of the coolest things in my life. But it's permanent. So watch what you put on your body!

    [PS. Going for my second one soon!]

    [PPS. They DO hurt. But it's not like breaking a leg hurt. :3 ]

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    I have thought about getting one for a long time but have never been able to pick out the design and the coloring and where i would put it.

    Once you do decide on a tattoo make sure to go to a good tattoo artist, as everyone else has said its permanent and its going to stay with you for a long time.

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    I've never really wanted a tattoo, but I like to see all of the neat designs that other people get.

    I'll always remember the advice given by one of my teachers in high school...he said "Pick something that means something to you. Don't just go in and get a dragon because it looks 'cool'. Get something with meaning and you'll treasure it and not regret it later on." He actually had a tattoo on his upper arm and showed it to us and explained what it meant, which was really neat.

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    Actually there are tattoo removal processes so they arent very permanent anymore, but like others have said you should watch out and think ahead. EX: Jobs, no one wants to hire a person with a pot leaf on their neck.

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    I have always thought of paw print tattoos as being cute. Actually, my wife who isn't an AB/DL/BF whatsoever, has considered getting one to symbolize her love of huskies; she always had them growing up. Also, since I'm such a fan of Care Bears, I always thought it would be cute for her to get a little Care Bear heart tattoo. But, I don't think it will ever happen since both of us worry about the regret.

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    I've seen some pretty awesome paw print tattoos on Deviant Art. I want a tattoo but have no idea what I would get, or where, But it has to be somewhere it can be easily covered. Most jobs, and when I say most, I mean every high paying job requires them to be non visible.

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    This is just my personal opinion, but I don't tend to care for tatoos. Its sort of a turn-off when someone has a gigantic tattoo of spongebob on their arm. And again, in 20 years that person is gonna be looking back thinking "why did I get this thing?? that show isn't even on anymore".

    Again, just my personal opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harold42 View Post
    Anyone else consider getting them? My friend drew a paw print on my arm today and it inspired me to get one. I've never had any interest in tattoos before.
    i considered a pawprint, but i got a heart on my thigh instead (right thigh so i could look like a care bear XD )

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