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    Okay, so my school offers jobs to the students. Painting walls, cleaning classrooms, etc. I, personally, just got a job as my school's receptionist, one of many. It's a pretty good job. I work one day a week, for two hours, and get 8 bucks an hour. So I went in for training a few days ago, to learn how to operate the phone and stuff, when an interesting point came up. Since I'm supposed to be answering the phone if it rings (It barely ever does, which is why this is the easiest job in the school :3), what do I have to do if I need to use the bathroom? The one who was training me said to just wait for a dull moment, and go as quickly as possible. What am I thinking? Just work while padded!

    My parents caught me sometime in early February, and since then, I haven't worn a single pull up in my stash. I can't believe I even have a stash, my parents didn't bother asking if I had any others XD. If I ever did try to wear one at home again, I'd have to be extremely sneaky. This job is the perfect opportunity to wear (almost) risk free! I get to be alone for two hours in my own little office, with just me, myself, and a diaper :3

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    Sounds like a great idea! Just as long as you are sneaky you will be fine! Though, you might want to "go" to the bathroom (the actual room) every now and then, to give the impression that you aren't wearing a diaper

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    Might be a waste if you're only in there for 2 hours a week. Unless you're drinking coffee the entire time - like, a constant waterfall.

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    Go for it buddy,hopefully this will make work a little more exciting for you.

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    You don't need to worry about anything, other then someone seeing the waste band of it if your shirt rides up or something. And as far as going to the bathroom to not be suspicious, I only use my school bathroom at most once a week, otherwise I just hold it, and no one has ever asked me if I wear diapers, so you will be fine.

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