Okay, so I had to share this with someone and since now my wife is the only person I have ever told in real life that I like diapers, this seemed like the best place.

My wife has known for about a year that I wear diapers, but thought that I only wore them when I had some stomach problems or was going hunting. I only wore them around her for these purposes, but would also wear one when she wasn't home from time to time.

Well, Sunday afternoon my stomach was hurting so I put a diaper on for the afternoon. At bedtime I got a new diaper out to change into. My wife asked if my stomach was still hurting and I told her it was a little still. I changed my diaper and got into bed with her.

We were laying in bed talking a bit and I don't remember why but she said "Maybe there are still a few things that you don't know about me." I told her "Well maybe there are still a few things you don't know about ME." So she started guessing strange, somewhat funny things and I kept saying no. Finally, she said she gave up and asked me what one thing she didn't know was. I told her that I had been wearing diapers for longer than she knew and that I enjoyed wearing them.

At first she thought maybe I had worn them as a preteen for bed wetting or something, but I said no and told her of my fascination with them as a kid and then my experimentation with them in college.

I was shaking the whole time. She could tell and told me it was okay and she thought it was cute. I was so relieved. I knew of some quirky things she did and she was always talking about how she hadn't figured out my quirks yet. She said she was excited because I had a quirk too.

Anyways, I don't really know where all this is going. We haven't really talked about it since then. Tonight, I am going to tell her thank you for being so understanding and accepting of this, and tell her that if she has any questions at all that I want her to ask me so I can be totally open and honest with her about it.

So, this got kinda long, but thanks for giving me a place to share this and get it out of my system.