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Thread: Canadian General Elections XLI: Harper vs. Ignatieff

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    Default Canadian General Elections XLI: Harper vs. Ignatieff

    Listen to this while reading, though this, this or even this will also do the trick ^^.

    We may now proceed.

    The writing has been on the wall for a long time, and it's finally happening. For the first time in Canadian history the government has been found to be in contempt of parliament by the house of commons, meaning that tomorrow Steven Harper will ask the governor general to dissolve parliament and that Canadians will go vote for the fourth time since 2004 - the last three general elections all resulted in minority governments (Liberal in 2004, Conservative in 2006 and 2008).

    So, who are you going to vote for (if you're comfortable sharing), what are the main issues for you and are you as pissed off that there is yet another election, even though all the parties know that another minority Conservative government is the likeliest answer?

    Also, what are your predictions on:
    -Will Harper, Ignatieff or both be gone after these elections?
    -Will the Greens finally win a seat in the general elections?
    -Any independent you see getting elected?
    -Do you think there is any chance of a majority?

    Have a fun election period everybody

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    I'm not Canadian, but I do follow Canadian politics.

    My bets-no chance in blue hell of a majority government. Harper keeps his seat, but liberals win a very slim minority government that will come apart at the drop of a hat. The greens won't win anything.

    Also, I'm betting voter turnout is cccrrraaaaapppp! I hope I'm wrong on that, but it seems like you guys up there are even more disenchanted with politics than we are down here.

    If I were voting, I would likely be voting for an NDP candidate.

    Happy electioneering, and happy days that The Evil Despot Stephen Harper and his ilk have been officially recognized for what they are!

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    Oh, it. Is. ON!

    Coalition of separatists and socialists vs the contemptible Harper regime. Exciting!

    I'm actually not going to predict anything yet, because I think this could end up being a lot like the 2005-06 election, which started off with a huge Liberal lead, but ended with a Tory minority. So I'm going to wait and see. Personally, I'd like to see a PM Ignatieff, but I'm not holding my breath.

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    People don't get how significant this vote was. Basically, it's the same exact thing as someone lying to a court of justice when theu have to testify before one (A parliament in the westminster system is basically a court with the ability of making laws). You blatantly lie to it, you get to face consequences... or is that how it works? Apparently, the judge is going to say that the jury is wrong and that lying in a court is not bad, that everybody may do it.

    Of course, the reality of a parliament differs from the reality of a proper court, in that the former is subject to popular pressure, unlike the latter. Politicians are facing enormous pressure from their constituents, their party and the lobbies. Of course, the parties try to shape popular pressure by canalizing towards "key issues" and targetting key messages that will work on the people.

    Now, people in this country are politically illiterate. What I just said, people don't know. They don't know how lucky they are to be in a democracy. "Oh damn... another fucking election" is heard all around the country. "They're all the same" as well. Yet, no one takes the time to look up the facts. The fact that a coalition is perfectly constitutional (see: the UK), the fact that the Liberals and the NDP were not allying with the Bloc at the time (the Bloc were merely supporting any confidence bill while the government were only going to use them for mandatory confidence votes (Speech from the Throne and Budget, pretty much). The fact, also, that the Tories are the one that actually overspend. The fact that the Tories are the hypocrites when it comes to fighting crime -- they voted against Bloc bills to be tougher on crime before introducing their own version of the same bills. The fact, also, that our country is its own shadow of what it was a few years ago only on the international scene. The fact, finally, that the economic argument has its limits to justify things.

    People are too preoccupied by other stuff that are much more important, like Canadian Idol, to look that up. The media, of course, are not helping the situation at all. They keep presenting that as a "leader vs. leader" thing. "Who do you want as PM?", "Race to government" and "What party is more apt to form the next government?" are phrases being said very often in here. Yet, does it mean we know how our system works? I don't have the numbers to back me up, but from what I can hear, it seems like we know more about the american system than about our own. I guess that the fact that the system is being explained every presidential election helps. But what people tend to ignore is that there are elections every two years down there. Big "WHOOPS!". But still; according to that video by Rick Mercer, a majority of Canadians believe that we elect a Head of State called the Prime Minister in a direct election. Can the media tell the population that we are electing MPs? And that those MPs aggregate by parties in the House? And that the party/parliamentary grouping with the most seats forms a cabinet? And that the leader of the cabinet -- thus, Head of GOVERNMENT -- is the Prime Minister? And that our Head of State is the Queen? Gawd... it's that simple! If we can do it for American elections every four years, let's*do it for Canadian elections, too. But, oh wait, Jersey Shore is coming up next.

    Sorry for this rant, but I felt it was necessary. Although it's not in this forum that it will change anything to the current political situation of Canada.

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    I really don't want the Conservatives don't win this time, although I know they probably will.

    I will likely vote for the Liberal Party, because I think they are the only ones who are capable of beating the Tories. Despite this, my guess is that we'll end up with another minority Conservative government (OH PLEASE let it just be a minority).

    To answer some of your other questions:

    -Will Harper, Ignatieff or both be gone after these elections?

    I'm not sure whether either leader is going to leave after these elections. I do think Ignatieff is more likely to leave than Harper though.

    -Will the Greens finally win a seat in the general elections?

    I don't see any Greens getting elected this time.

    -Any independent you see getting elected?

    I don't see any independents getting elected either.

    -Do you think there is any chance of a majority?

    I do think there is a chance of a Conservative majority, but hopefully that won't be case; I really don't want to live in the Land of Harpertunity. *shivers*


    Upon reviewing my post, I realized that I was more or less bashing the Conservative Party without giving any reasons why. I just thought I'd better explain why I'm voting Liberal, rather than Conservative.

    As a poor student who wishes to work in the arts, I feel that the Conservative Party is not interested in people like me. Harper doesn't care about people who aren't rich, and he certainly doesn't care about the arts. In 2008, he actually cut funding to many art programs, which is a shame. Some people think the arts aren't really important, but they are. Every year, the art industry alone generates 85 billion dollars of economic activity. I'd say that is fairly significant.

    Another reason why I can't support the Conservatives is that I'm a liberal person; I simply agree with liberal ideology on most issues. Of course, the ideology of a party will always change based on the candidates representing it, but generally, as liberal person, I am more likely to agree with a liberal party.
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    First time ever getting to vote. Super exciting. Sort of. Almost. I always figured I'd vote Conservative, but Jack Layton has quite the moustache, so ya never know. That said, I'm not even sure there is an NDP candidate in my riding since as I'm at college and not living there now, although I will be there soon. Even if there was, probably vote Conservative anyways cause the guy that's been repping it up for as long as I care to remember is a solid fellow. In my only moment of political intrigue ever, I sent this dude an e-mail back in my high school Rage Against the Machine days about the Conservaties potentially charging a convicted youth as an adult (in the case of some brutal crime) when they didn't even consider that same person mature or aware enough to vote. Dude calls my high school at lunch and the secretary calls me down to the office, jsut as surprised as I am to hear whose on the line, and he goes off about stuff for like twenty minutes. I didn' pay much attention after the first four, but I was totally impressed. So I'd probably vote for him that and lack of solid competition. How good could they be if I've never heard of them?

    I sometimes wonder why we don't just settle these sort of disagreements with polar bear-riding joust carnivals. I saw a trailer for the Golden Compass a while back, and it looked like a plausible solution for sure.

    Also, would vote Bloc if they sent a candidate over here. Think of how many more games and puzzles they could fit on to the backs of cereal boxes if they didn't have to double everything in French. It would be magnificent. And if you can't get down with that logic, you don't eat enough Fruit Loops to have been sorely disappointed about bi-linguality.

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    -Will Harper, Ignatieff or both be gone after these elections?

    Ignatieff will probably be gone. It seems to be the thing to do when a party loses an election. I would be surprised if Layton sticks around much longer.

    -Will the Greens finally win a seat in the general elections?

    No way.

    -Any independent you see getting elected?

    There always seems to be one or two.

    -Do you think there is any chance of a majority?

    If Harper or anyone else in the Conservatives does not do anything stupid he could pull it off. Remember the "beer and popcorn" comment that torpedoed the Liberals in 2006?

    I am voting Conservative. I like having a job and it would only be a matter of time before the Liberals did something to screw up the economy in Alberta where they will never have more than a seat or two for decades.

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    Love Canadian Politics(kinda have to when you major in it at university).

    I'm going out on a limb here and predicting another Harper minority, maybe even a slim majority. I can possibly see the NDP suffering a bit in this election as it becomes a race between the Libs and Cons. Don't think the Libs have what it takes to take the power from the Cons. Even with this whole contempt of parliament thing hanging over the heads of the Conservatives, I don't particularly see the average Canadian caring as much as they should. What the average Canadian sees is "God, another election???"

    Ignatieff is still not resonating with voters though his little summer tour last year kinda helped his image. Whether to the extent to give the Cons a run for their money, I doubt it.

    The Liberals need to hammer home the contempt of Parliament vote. That, and focus on how they can do better with the economy. No fear mongering as people can see through that. And, while constitutionally valid, avoid any talk(if they can) of a coalition. And try to make Ignatieff a bit more approachable and not so . . . elitist. I think people are still unsure as to him and how good of a leader he is. Those "Just Visiting" ads did wonders.

    The Conservatives need to tone down the coalition crap. If nothing else but it will bite them in the ass when the media gets university professors on explaining how valid such an option is. Though, fear mongering has worked in the past. I suggest the Conservatives run on a campaign highlighting the measures they brought in to keep Canada in such a stable position while the rest of the worlds economy went to hell in a handbasket. And while on the economy, the worlds economy is still fragile. Campaign on the idea that now is not the time for such drastic change.

    The NDP needs to continue on the same line as the Libs. Remind people why the government fell(Contempt of Parliament) and highlight how, as a minority party within Parliament, they become more valuable to the other parties for votes and, in essence, can get some of their policies in play as conditions for their votes. Run on a campaign of being the party that can keep the others in line. "Without us, they won't be able to get much done." Will help in campaigns looking at how they will "work for Canadians, not for partisan purposes."

    Greens. Umm . . . hope you get higher votes. Next time maybe.

    And for those interested, I'm NOT voting Conservative. But this is a reflection of the candidate in my riding and not on the party as a whole.

    I'm also voting while on the road backpacking. Seriously, if I take days out of my life to visit a Canadian consulate, apply for a Special Ballot, get it delivered to another consulate, fill it out, and send it back, I'm sure everyone else can spend the half an hour(or less) it takes to drive to the voting booth and put a little X beside a name. We need higher voter turnout. Especially among the youth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slang View Post
    Also, would vote Bloc if they sent a candidate over here. Think of how many more games and puzzles they could fit on to the backs of cereal boxes if they didn't have to double everything in French.
    Haha! That is hilarious!

    Unfortunately, you would still have to deal with New Brunswick, because they are constitutionally bilingual! That means you're stuck with half the games, and double the text .

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlueBear View Post
    Haha! That is hilarious!

    Unfortunately, you would still have to deal with New Brunswick, because they are constitutionally bilingual! That means you're stuck with half the games, and double the text .
    Really, anything that's Quebec or east of it can go. A great deal of the trees and all the oil, coal and other shiny rocks are on this side. I mean, what do the maratimes have anyways? Fish? So does BC. Plus Ontario looks like a fish, so I don't think we'd be missing anything at all.

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