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Thread: How to introduce Diapers in intimate times with your partner/lover?

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    Default How to introduce Diapers in intimate times with your partner/lover?

    I have told my girlfriend that I am a diaper lover, so she knows and has seen me in them, she isn't really sure on what to say and how to act with the whole thing, so I was wondering whats an easy way to start introducing them, in say moments of passion and what not?

    Is there something I can try also to help put her mind at ease, we have been together for 3 years and figured, because we lived together that she should know rather then just finding out one day, much easier and more responsible of me, so yes if you have any information or any advice that would be awesome.

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    My experience is take it slow and at her pace, my fiancée and I started out with a rocky start, basically I blind folded her and put one on her, she was really uncomfortable and we haven't done anything like it since. One thing I saw online was to let her try it out on her own so she can feel more comfortable with them. But pretty much the consensus I got from the forums is be open and honest and be patient.

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    Also, be prepared to never have it part of your sex life. Some people just don't like it. Just sayin'. If is she accepts it somewhat, take it and run. Its better than that alternative of her leaving and perhaps sharing your secrets with your friends. Good luck.

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    If she's up for it, diaper her. Make it something sexy and intimate; lay the diaper out on the bed, nice, comfy, inticing. Undress her or have her undress for you, and lay down on the diaper. Use the baby oil a little too liberally; make it a sexy experience, that is. Don't just slap the diaper on, make sure she enjoys herself as much as she would during normal foreplay. Then tape her into it.

    If she has any kinks, this is where you can bring them into play. Submissive? As I've said before, try stickin yer paw in your diaper and pulling it away. There's not much 'give'... plus diapers are considered to be humiliating too. Dominant? That's harder...perhaps the diapers grant her intense sexual power over you?

    If she's fairly vanilla (which she sounds like she is) how much you appreciate her doing this, and how arousing it is to you seeing her in a diaper. Make sure she knows it really is HER in the diaper that's holding your interest, not the diaper alone. You could be crinkly too; show her how the diaper can bring different sensations to sexual play. Elaborate on what it is that makes them so sexy to you, so she can understand and maybe relate to it.

    It might be a good idea to give her a pack of her own, so she can try them out alone and not feel pressured. Then she can maybe discover something sexy about them all by herself.

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    Make sure you discuss it first rather than just springing it on her in the moment. Is she open to trying it or is she still coming to grips with it? If she's still coming to grips with it, it's too early. If she has said that she might want to try it then I'd go with the suggestion above of letting her try it on her own without anyone else around and then ask her about it again after some time has passed. Don't push it, or bring it up too frequently.

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    Wait a minute! Why are we so confused about these two simple separate things: You are into being a DL and wearing diapers. And apparently, she is not. So why is all the advice about diapering her!?

    I can say this from my experience - one thing has nothing to do with the other. It is highly likely she will not get any pleasure or fun out of wearing diapers. And in any case, even in the remote chance that she might - I wouldn't do anything to force the issue. Let her ask one day if she has any interest. Getting her to diaper you or play baby and mommy with you isn't as hard. In fact, I've dated many women, and umm...hardly any said no to this. If I had any sense they would, we didn't get to first base to begin with.

    But you do enjoy it and you'd like her to participate. My first piece of advice would be to start way soft - try to tell her you'd like to play mommy and baby. Take a bath together and wash each other. Feed each other at a restaurant. Skip down the street holding hands. Go to a playground at night. Anything to establish the association with childhood and the warm fuzzy feelings most people have reliving those days. Most women will find this fun. And if not, ugh, what a bore.

    I've only had one girlfriend who liked to wear diapers herself - and she was the most AB girl I've ever seen in real life; I found her drinking from a pooh sippy cup on her dorm floor. Needless to say I was smitten, and we had a 7-year long relationship. But, I'm currently with a wonderful sweetie who isn't that into it herself - but seems pretty content with being my mommy...

    So think about it - do you want a partner who likes to see you playing like your 3? That's easier than also getting her to take on that role. And if you think about it, maybe having a mommy is better than another baby around...(that means you might actually have to play parent too - ugh - not fun!!!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirmyboy View Post
    The poster is listed as a 'Diaper Lover', and nothing else. That's why nobody's given AB-related ideas for him to try; he's not an AB, from what we can tell, and he hasn't mentioned having any AB tendencies. He asked how to introduce DIAPERS to 'moments of passion' (that is; sex!), not how to bring ageplay into their relationship.

    If he diapers her, it won't be an ageplay scenario; it'll be him putting an article of fetish clothing on her. If I have a kink for people wearing riding boots, does that mean the person I'm yiffing has to play a jockey? The OP won't have 'another baby', he'll have his partner, in a diaper. If diapers turn him on, perhaps his partner wearing a diaper will turn him on. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask a partner to do that for you, it's such a little thing, we're just trying to offer ways to make it easier and more fun for her, as well.

    I'm totally baffled by your post, to be perfectly honest, and I don't feel any of it is relevant to the OP. Perhaps you should try re-reading it fully, and then making another post.

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    You need to remember that you can't just force your fetish on a lover. Sometimes that can be the worst thing to do. For example: I dated someone who said that they were ok with it, but when it came to "fun time" and I tried to bring in diapers thinking they wouldn't mind it there since they didn't care any other time, but that caused the relationship to have problems. In reality that is probably one of the reasons that my relationship didn't work out.

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    Thanks for the information and tips, as many of you have guessed I am the diaper lover, not and AB and I was asking for help and information to help ease into things, my girl friend is not the AB/DL, she is aware of my fetish, but I still think she is alittle unsure on the whole thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirmyboy View Post
    Wait a minute! Why are we so confused about these two simple separate things: You are into being a DL and wearing diapers. And apparently, she is not. So why is all the advice about diapering her!?
    Quoted for truth....very funny truth at that.

    theonering1: I hate to say it, but this might be one of those things that she will never fully 'get in to'. The same can be said for some girls and video games, snowboarding, heavy metal shows... I've dated girls that weren't into these things at all. I've dated a girl that was obsessed with horses, and though I tried and did fully accept her interests, I could develop similar interests. You have brought diapers up with her and thats a huge step. Now the most important thing is to not press the issue. She knows now and that is good for now. The next thing you need to do is show her that the diaper side of you only occupies a very small part of your private life. Try and have your playtime when you know you have some time alone. For the sake of yours and her sanity, please don't try set things up so she can 'catch you', it will most certainly only put her off more. Maybe bring it up again in a month or two and see how the idea has settled in and go from there.

    Don't despair though... She has been with you for 3 years. Now she knows just a little bit more about you.

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