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Thread: Fisher-Price Happy Days and Happy Nights

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    Default Fisher-Price Happy Days and Happy Nights

    So...Fisher-Price has diapers now.

    I looked around and I hadn't seen these mentioned anywhere and I wanted to know what other people thought about them. I really want to get a pack if only for the cuteness factor. Cute little animals who are awake on the 'day' diaper and sleepy on the 'night' one? Yes please! Fisher-Price Happy Days & Happy Nights Baby Diapers Value Pack, Size 4, 82 count: Health & Personal Care

    They've got some good shots of what the designs look like. I think they're super-cute even if they are "cloth-covered". They go to a size 6 but I don't know if they run big or small.

    While I have no illusions about them fitting me properly, I was wondering if anyone else had ever tried them.

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    Yeah, I saw them a while ago and I agree with you that these diapers look super cute!!
    Someone should have to buy some of these and review them.

    I would buy them, but checked on ebay and the sellers who sell the diapers don't ship to Argentina, what a shame! =/

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    hm, interesting...and indeed, very cute. Google results indicate they have been around since Fall 2009ish, but I had not heard or seen them before, so they must not be available in most stores.

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    I know they're available at Babies R Us. It seems like they're available in stores, but I couldn't promise it. (I don't have a Babies R Us or Toys R Us near me.)

    I also know they sell them on Amazon, but either in a big box with both the day and night diapers in the same box or as a case with more than one pack. (I wouldn't want to buy six packages at once only to find out they weren't what I'd hoped.)

    I'd get a pack from Babies R Us, but I'm concerned about having a 'cover story'. The last time I ordered from Babies R Us I also ordered from Toys R Us so I had an excuse that no one would question. I might be able to do the same thing again, I'll have to think about it.

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