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Thread: Made the Switch - Windows to Apple

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    Default Made the Switch - Windows to Apple

    Well I did it - made the switch from Windows/Sony [laptop] machines (my last 3 have been sonys) to the newest iteration of the Macbook pro. Got a 15" with the quad core processor, just upgraded Ram to 8gb via Amazon. Has the HD high resolution screen with matte finish... I am thinking about removing the optical drive, and getting an external one. Use the space to add an SSD for the OS...maybe someday.

    Impressions? I really am enjoying the Apple platform. Particularly, I like a lot of the keyboard shortcuts -and I LOVE the trackpad - I actually got one for my desk as of those separate bluetooth trackpads. SO nice - I love all the gestures and it is really responsive. I added a small piece of software called "hyperdock" which mimics Windows 7 "Aero Snap" feature - my favorite thing about 7...

    I am running Parallels 6 for 2 programs I need that are windows only. THe 'coherence' mode is surprisingly good - it is perfect actually for what I'm running.

    SO far I'm very pleased and looking forward to getting work done on the new piece of equipment. Biggest con? Price - Apple is quite expensive, even when compared with Sony's premium prices.

    Anyone else made the switch?
    What have you found?

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    My father recently purchased a Macbook Pro and I like it fine. It does take a little getting used to when doing certain thing, but overall, I will probably look in to getting one for my next laptop. I have recently purchased an Elocity A7 Android tablet for the convienence of travel. My current laptop is 6 years old now and quite slow compared to todays newer laptops.

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    Good to hear your enjoying the platform. I used to own a MacBook but I hardly traveled so sadly it barely got used ^^;. So I sold it, got an iPad and I set up a Hackintosh install on my overclocked desktop system ^^;.

    The OS does take some getting used to but that for me was what actually drew me in. I have don't have much against Windows but I've been using it for 15+ years, I wanted something new and fresh to me and OS X delivered well with that. I am starting to get pretty good with supporting the OS now but I still find out certain Unix commands and keyboard shortcuts at times.

    I did really like the trackpad as well when I owned my MacBook, I also like how the trackpad itself clicks. I do like the gestures you can do (you can do afew on the Magic Mouse but only just that, afew). Though I don't think I would get the desktop trackpad, certain things I use wouldn't work with one ^^;.

    When I had a MacBook, I just used Boot Camp to boot into Windows natively, though my brother uses Parallels. I messed with it and it seems to work VERY well, and I do like the coherence mode as well. Though don't try to run games in Parallels, you pretty much NEED to use Boot Camp for that.

    Though yes, Apple's hardware is expensive which is IMO one of the major downsides of Macs but from my experience, they seem to be pretty well built machines. The machine is made out of aluminum instead of thin plastic (their lowest level MacBook does use plastic but they use the same unibody style design), and they use pretty good GPUs (though their not exactly high end gaming-class laptops but their GPUs are better than many common laptops you can get at popular retailers), and whatnot.

    But congrats on the new machine and I'm glad your enjoying it =3.
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    Good for you! I made the switch, oh, 4 to 5 years ago, and I do not regret it one bit! I use Wine and VMWare to run all my Windows apps.

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    Awesome. Good for you. Glad to hear its working out for you!

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    I want to check it out thoroughly before I'll consider getting a macbook pro.

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