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Thread: An adventure of an Lifetime?

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    Default An adventure of an Lifetime?

    Hi all,

    It's been a while sense I've popped in and said a single coo or anything hasn't it? Well there's be tons of reasons, mainly the fact I quit my job nearly a month ago. Don't worry I'm not upset about that or anything. Infact I'm about to start a grand adventure! This adventure is a actually going to be interesting from the very start. I'm going to head to Montana to see my big bwudder for a month to start. He says he's on this forum but who knows with him, heh. We are going to be doing at least some AB releated stuff and I might possibly be stuck padded 24/7 during that time.

    I'll also be looking around at the jobs, things to do, and what not while I'm visiting. This is only the first leg of my travels and I'm not exactly sure where all I'll be going to start. But after a month at bwudder's I'll be heading south to Tennessee to see...My Ab mama! That's right I've lucked out and have found an AB mama. She's even told me some of the rules she has planned while I'm visiting. Hehe, this wee kit has to be padded all the time, be in bed at 8:30, and listen to his mama. Though I am sure she's planning some more for me. Once again, I'll be scouting the area out for things to do, places to see, and if I would want to move there. It also happens to be another month long visit. Afterwards, I'm not 100% sure. I may settle down, I may go see parts of my real family, I may just get on another bus and head to some other place of interest. The thing is..I hear this isn't something a lot of people do these days and I have gotten a chance and some luck to do it. Not only do I get to be spoiled with being my babyself for a bit, but I get to spend some time checking out the US.

    Who knows, I maybe passing by your place.But I figured people would like top hear this on the forum. ^^;

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    Well, that sounds cool; Why don't you keep a blog about your adventures? I think it would be interesting to read.

    As cool as this news is for you, there's not a lot for us to comment on, so I do think next time a blog would be the best medium. Still, lucky you! I hope you have a good time.

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    Just be careful. Especially if you haven't meet these people in person before. Some people are dishonest about their true nature, and may want to take advantage of innocent individuals. Anyways, be safe and have fun.

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    Sorry I haven't gotten back. Still cleaning up and finalizing stuff around my old place. Anywho I was thinking of a blog and I personally know big Bwudder Kiba. Though if I'm going to do a blog, I'll start on my first day of travel. Which isn't too far off. I may just use the built in blog system here because I'm a lazy lil kitkit. :p

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