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Thread: HELP! Getting a new notebook. Which Linux distro should I use?

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    Question HELP! Getting a new notebook. Which Linux distro should I use?

    I'm getting a Lenovo Edge 14 AMD (x64) notebook , and I want to try to install Linux on it. I've been hearing mixed things about different Lenovo Edge models for different distros. Which distro should I use? I've been thinking about going with Mandriva, Mint, or Sabayon, but I really don't know. Somebody please help me!
    PS: Judging from what I've read, the KDE distros sound like my type.

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    Use whatever distro you want. I think the best thing to do would be to try them individually until you find one that you like. I, personally, like using ArchLinux, which gives me nothing but a root shell and a package manager to start with. From there I need to install input and video drivers, and X and KDE/Gnome/Xfce/fluxbox/blackbox/whatever. Most people use Ubuntu because it works. Mint and Sabayon are very similar (or completely based off of) Ubuntu. I've never poked Mandriva.

    Also, you said you think you want KDE? Check out

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    You might also try some of the google cromium release candidates out there. There are several people putting together their own versions out there and they can be test run on a flash drive or CD/DVD. They are still in the beta testing stages, but it was prety good at finding my hardware and is good for internet operations and is based off of linux. Loads a lot quicker than Microsoft and Ubuntu on my computer.

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    Mint is a re-skinned Ubuntu and is much easier for a first time Linux user. It includes a windows installer so you can install and uninstall it with a click of a button and no partitioning called Wubi.

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    I have the same laptop, actually. I run Arch Linux on it. HOWEVER, if you're new to Linux, go with Ubuntu. Ubuntu runs on it perfectly fine (that was what I put on it originally) and is easy enough to use. Arch (64 bit) has some issues with flash and such on it, but that's Adobe's fault

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    I was running Ubuntu for awhile on an old tower, and I found it mostly easy to use. Doing things like installing fonts was a pain, but that's the cost of doing business with Linux in general.

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    Woah. Thanks guys. I'll probably download a bunch of live CDs and see which one fits right. I wish i could be notified on replies on the thread I started. I checked back here and found 5 replies. if anyone knows if that's something I can change or have to just deal with, can you please let me know?

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    Do you have experience with linux prior? I always tell people when they ask this if they dont have any prior experience to get ubuntu as its got great community support. Then when you get used to troubleshooting and using the terminal move to a more customizable distro like gentoo.

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    Sorry double post but pretty much any distro can use kde thogh most come preloaded with gnome. Xfce is also an option if you want a really minimal ui.

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    Actually, just had a thought; with the Lenovo Edges there is a problem with the headphones/mic jack. It's an easy fix, just Google it (I don't have a link handy right now) and you'll find all kinds of instructions on how to fix it. I found it easier to fix in Ubuntu but I have it working fine in Arch too right now.

    If you somehow end up with an older kernel, bluetooth (if it comes with it, mine did) won't work, an update fixes that. Lesson to be learned; don't use the Arch repositories hosted by RIT, they're badly out of date.

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    I run mint on my work laptop, it is fine for me. I got it installed easily, everything was ready.

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