View Poll Results: Boys: Which do you like better, boys goodnites or girls goodnites?

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  • I'm a boy and I like boys goodnites

    45 35.16%
  • I'm a sissy boy and I like boys goodnites

    3 2.34%
  • I'm a boy and I like girls goodnites

    47 36.72%
  • I'm a sissy boy and I like girls goodnites

    13 10.16%
  • I'm a girl

    9 7.03%
  • I don't like goodnites

    11 8.59%
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Thread: Boys vs Girls goodnites

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    Default Boys vs Girls goodnites

    This came out of that other thread. Just to see if I'm right that lots of boys like girl goodnites.

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    well i personally dont wear goodnights, but I already know that tons of boys wear the girls goodnights, cause they are cuter ^ ^

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    yes you guys are right
    i'm in that group,now someone wanna buy me some?

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    I enjoy the girl goodnites a lot lol, but I would understand why most boys would like the girls goodnites better. The boy ones seem to try to attract the macho boy thing which >.> whilst the girl ones have hearts and butterflies .... although I wouldn't mind having a package of boys that was only that dolphin one

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    Is there a difference between girls and boys goodnites beyond the look? I am curious if they have the absorbency up front for boys, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PamperedKari View Post
    it's hard to explain aimi
    PSTTTTTT Check my profile btw.... can't do poop for till the site lets me pm/talk watsoever D:

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