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    Default Summer DL tips

    I know some of my luckier northern members aren't even thinking about summer yet, but down in my neck... it's already pretty sticky in the daytime. So I need help trying to stay dry through the summer!

    Do the 'Airplus' line of diapers work against summer heat? Do they hold up as well as regular Abenas? If you don't go with a cloth-backed diaper, how do you stay cool in summer? Thanks!

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    I like the Airplus diapers - but know that the tapes are not 'velcro' on that cloth surface...they are just sticky tape like normal diapers. They hold pretty well - but not as well as plastic on plastic.
    I think they are nice - almost as thick or the same thickness as xplus -
    I kind of find the fit to be a bit different though - almost like they run larger then the normal line?
    Definitely more comfortable in warmer weather.

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    Lots of baby powder and change often. Lite pants, t-shirts, stay out of direct sun light, and if at all possable diaper and t-shirt only.

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    Where, I live, there is only one way to live: In the A/C, and if you do go anywhere, get into your car with the A/C lol.

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    It's warming up where I'm at, and it isn't really warm yet! I'm finding it pretty uncomfortable diapered right now too! I'll have to find something that works, or just not wear. :P

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    The Abena X-Plus Airplus diapers seem to be essentially identical to the plastic X-Plus diapers except form the outer cover. In other words, they have the same capacity, and I think that the tapes work better than the Velcro tapes on some diapers that I've tried. However, I dont think the Airplus diapers are any cooler in hot weather.

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