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    The phipaw was proposed as a symbol to discretly tell others that you are a furry. Im curious if anyone has heard of this and if you have what are your ideas of it?

    The phipaw:

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    Never heard of it. I don't really think we need a secret symbol as furry is primarily a fandom.

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    I think it's neat, but you'll have a hard time getting a whole bunch of people to adopt it. I'd probably just stick with the regular old pawprint. As to the whole "secret symbol" thing? I don't see it as that, so much as just a symbol. I mean, the Trek fans have the Starfleet symbol, the Green Lantern fans have the power ring thingie, and the Stargate fans have the... Stargate. It really amounts to about the same thing, having this paw print or phi-paw thingie.

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    I don't see the point, honestly. I actually don't care too much for the design. I'd just stick with the regular paw print if you're trying for 'discreet'.

    "Are you one of those nasty furry people?"
    "No, no. I have a pet dog."


    "Are you a furry? Cool!"
    "Yes...yes I am."

    You can't really explain away the 'phipaw' so easily.

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    i think the whole phipaw idea is great. it's easily recognizable by furries, but not by many other people.

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    Be that as it may, it's not terribly subtle or discreet. Paw prints are common decorative motif even outside the fandom; this is clearly a contrived symbol.

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    The reason that I bring this up is that its made popularity from other sites and as for the design I think its pretty neat. (but then again i like symbols)

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    I think it's better than a simple pawprint beacuse that would be too generic; this is recognizable without being too flashy or unusual, like it would make a good bumper sticker or something

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    seen it before.. think its pretty neat. .
    I have one stuck on my truck..
    and nobody is the wiser.

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