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Thread: Best firefox theme

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    Default Best firefox theme

    What do you guys think is the best firefox theme?

    Before Firefox 3 came out I like the NASA theme that was cool, now I can't really use any themes because there aren't many out yet for 3.

    What was your favorite before 3 then, and if you have one for 3 what is it?

    i just found Aero Fox 3.0.1, thats pretty cool but it looks kinda weird...

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    Standard with my own custom speed mods.

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    I used to use Scribblies For Kids just because it was random and looked kind of cool. Since Firefox 3 though I've just used the default theme.

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    Yeah, I just leave it on Default, too. I've never really bothered to look at the other themes, since it looks nice enough on its own.

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    I use default as well. I tried a theme but it just bothered me for some reason, kinda annoying.

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    I personally dislike themes, they make things not go together and might re-arange a few things which can be annoying.

    I have been pretty much using the default themes for anything i use. Might change the odd colour here and there. But nothing too different.

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    I used to use pimpzilla, but now that I'm on Fx3 I am also just using the default .

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    unmarth if they rearange things i believe you can go to view-toolbars-cuustomize, and you drag the buttons around and stuff.

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