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    Default Malware//McAfee

    So apparently McAfee doesn't cover malware....... So guess what? I can't use it at the moment. It doesn't boot at all in safe mode or the latest config boot up

    Anyone had this problem? If so please, any advice?

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    McAfee is worthless. There are much better free programs available. On my system I have AVG, avast!, Malwarebytes, Auslogics Registry Cleaner to help fight threats like malware.

    What does happen when you try to start up your system? If you can't get into the OS then you could try running another OS from a flash drive or other removable media. If all else fails there is always the drastic option of reinstalling the OS.

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    Assuming you are running Windows, get a copy of the windows operating system disk. At the startup where you would install the operating system see if you can have it go and check to see if it will not find the error in the registry and fix it. I have had to do this before last year. I had real good luck with Hitman Pro 3.5 for malware detection. I have also used malware bytes in the past and it is another good program.

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    I have malwarebytes for malware detection, and Kaspersky now for everything else. System registry errors are cleaned out manualy by me.

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    What exactly is the problem, the computer does not boot due to a malware? In that case, you could try booting from a Kaspersky recovery disc.

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