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Thread: Casual Xbox 360 Shooter Game Recommendation

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    Default Casual Xbox 360 Shooter Game Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend me a good casual shooter game for Xbox 360?

    Notice I typed CASUAL. I'm not interested in the hardcore online shooter games where I get my head shot off every 2.3 seconds by some 13 year old who declares "D3ATH 2 ALL N00BS!!!!" and who screams into his mic about how much I just got raped, pwned, suck at life, have a small penis, etc. etc.

    I'm not interested in online multiplayer gaming at all. I just want to play single player or multiplayer with bots only.

    Just recently I rented Gears of War 2 from Gamefly, and I enjoyed that game immensely. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some good casual Xbox 360 shooters.

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    Bulletstorm is a pretty fun and casual game you could try

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    Hmm, Borderlands is semi-causual...

    I reccomend Left 4 Dead 2 though. It's more casual than most in my opinion, seeing as zombies don't shoot back. It has a great single player mode, with 3 AI players helping you out. The multiplayer is also pretty chill. (Multiplayer campaign is you and 3 people against AI zombies, no live-player opponents to rant and rave at you)

    Whatever you do, don't waste your money on a CoD game if you're looking for casual. XD

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    Borderlands GOTY is a pretty good game.

    Borderlands is a pretty good FPS with a random looting system that is comprised of over a million theoretical guns with different stats and effects. But don't worry it's not that confusing at all and the game slowly eases you into that aspect of the game. However the best part about the game is the multiplayer aspect of it which is drop-in/drop out co-op for you and 3 other people. The more people you play with the stronger enemies get but the lot also get's better. You can fight with other players but honestly that's about maybe 2% of the game and isn't even required. You won't be forced to fight against other human players unless you accept challenges/dual requests.

    There are 4 different classes so you can clearly play the game from start to end 4 different times, while leveling all classes up to level 69. So if you like it will last you a long time.

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    Well, avoid Serious Sam at all costs.

    Clive Barker's Jericho is a simple and straightforward FPS that offers minimal difficulty, even at its hardest difficulty setting. Probably the most casual shooter I have ever played.

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    Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and the Orange Box.

    Frankly, any decent FPS on an easy difficulty setting will do.

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    Try Mass Effect and Resident Evil 5, their pretty awesome and casual, might want to try Splinter Cell conviction too, its got mixed reviews but i found it pretty fun. I'd stay away from anything made my valve though but thats just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleDaniel View Post
    I'd stay away from anything made my valve though but thats just me.
    Blasphemy! Moreover, the Half-Life series is probably one of the most easily approachable FPS series on the planet.

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    Err.. wait. Mess-up on my end.

    Bulletstorm; Mass Effect; Borderlands are all great shooters that are easy to get the hang of and fall in love with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NutFreeFruitcake View Post
    Blasphemy! Moreover, the Half-Life series is probably one of the most easily approachable FPS series on the planet.

    Wow, i think its one of the worst and so do a lot of other people but by your immature comment i can tell your really into it so ill keep my mouth shut.

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