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Thread: New Product from Goodnites!!!!!! O:

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    Default New Product from Goodnites!!!!!! O:

    So I read an article on wikipedia and heard talk of Kimberly Klark releasing a goodnited fitted brief, with youth design i assume as its targeted towards kids. maybe we can expect a larger size? Any ways heres a quote from goodnites' wikipedia page.

    "Starting in mid-July 2012, Kimberly-Clark will re-release Goodnites, adding a third category to the current offerings under the "Goodnites" product name. In addition to the pull-up brief and the boxers/sleep shorts, Goodnites will offer a fitted brief that will for all intents and purposes be a youth size of the Depend brand. These will be released both as gendered and unisex products, though only one or the other may be available in some areas"

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    Yeah, I posted a link to it in another post, but don't worry, I'm not going to blast you for it.
    I still want to know what Goodnites is planning to do for 2011?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodJams1 View Post
    Yeah, I posted a link to it in another post, but don't worry, I'm not going to blast you for it.
    I still want to know what Goodnites is planning to do for 2011?
    Ahh sorry bout that i didnt see it D: but i know i cant wait to see! haha, Im picking up some friday

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    I highly doubt that this is true; I did a search and didn't see any mention of this on any other website. Also, the person who added that also edited the Underjams page with the same claim and didn't provide a source for either one.

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    Yeah, I'd definitely be skeptical of such an announcement, as fitted Goodnites are something that the AB/DL community has wanted for a long time. It seems unlikely that there would be an actual diaper produced by the same brand that sells discreet underpants for older kids (Goodnites, specifically. Obviously Kimberly Clark produces Depends).

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    Yeah, I'm definitely not going to think much more of it, but "IF" it does happen, it'll be cool.
    I put the link in the Diaper Innovations thread.

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    It's someone's random post on Wikipedia with no source. If you believe that, you're more gullible than you look.

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    Yea guys, it is probably just someone being bored on wikipedia, remember ANYONE can change ANYTHING on wikipedia so you need to be careful about what information you get there. Although if it does turn out to be true, I am definitely going to be waiting outside my CVS until they get there.

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    always follow the source on wikipedia claims

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