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Thread: Stains on cloth diapers - love'm or hate'm ?

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    Default Stains on cloth diapers - love'm or hate'm ?

    My cloth diapers always get this dingy yellowish stain. It's sort of circular and
    about 6 inches in diameter and doesn't come out in the wash with regular
    detergent. I guess I could use some bleach but that will damage the fabric.
    I realize now that I sort of like the stains. It's like with a stain they're really mine -
    with my mark. Anyone else like the stains on their cloth diapers after
    they have been washed? (Clean Stains)
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    Hate 'em. I use oxygen bleach (OxoBrite, it's on Amazon) when necessary. When using cloth, I like to wash them ASAP: no more than 3 days in a dry pail, but preferably doing laundry every other day if using cloth a lot. It prevents stains from setting in.

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    I'm with Comco....they're kinda cute (as long as the diapers have been cleaned thoroughly). It's sort of like a reminder of how helpless we are during the times we regress.

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    I wash mine every two days, three at the max and the yellow stains always come out. I use three diapers per day so I have wash this often so they will fit into my washer and dryer.

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    I haven't really gotten any stains, I guess because I always immediately wash them when I'm done, or at least the next day.

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    Because I live in the dorms i usually don't wear cloth, when I do I will rinse them out the same morning and put them in my wet bag that I use. the rinsing prevents any stains and when i wash them usually the next day I will use a little bit of oxyclean in the wash, gets rid of all the stains.

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    i use a liner which takes up some of the colour of urine. also, i wash mine the same day (often, i'll give them a rinse in the shower/sink, situation permitting, before i can chance to wash them) and i wash at 60C, to kill germs.

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    Hate em I always wash my cloth diapers in bleach. I really don't get the whole bleach ruins the cloth thing mine are fine. Besides Mine are all in ones and I have to air dry them w/o the bleach they would not be clean in my mind since the water just isn't hot enough to guarantee all the bacteria gets killed off.

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