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Thread: Things you've done to diapers

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    Default Things you've done to diapers

    I was wondering a few things the last few days and thought to ask on here if anyone else has done anything similar to / with their diapers.

    There have been times that I lightly coated the inside of a diaper with moisturizing hand lotion before putting it on. It made it feel slippery once I had it on. Felt strange whenever I would stand up or sat down. I tried Vaseline once inside a diaper,, but THAT was a mess to clean up as Vaseline doesn't dissolve in water, LOL.

    I have poured warm water into the front and back of a diaper after I had it taped on. I only used a little bit of water to make the diaper swell up, and not to the point of sagging or leaking,,,just enough to make it feel sorta damp. I like to wear a wet diaper, but don't really like the smell of a urine soaked diaper.

    After I have worn a diaper and taken it off (as long as it is decent enough to be reused) I have cut the side panels off and reused the diaper again the next time as a booster. A diaper that has had moisturizing hand lotion in it for about a day or so, feels really different the next time you put it on. the lotion has soaked into the SAP and has caused it to gel up, but wont leak. feels neat. Has anyone ever reused a diaper before?

    So, i guess I told on myself and said all that to ask,,what things have you guys done to your diapers? Anything of interest any of the rest of us might try?

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    Not anything specific like you've done, at least. I have however, modified size 6 Pampers in order to allow me to double up on them without them leaking, and so that the tapes wouldn't rip off (pro-tip: use duct-tape). I really need to get rid of the rest of my Pampers 6's, I'm getting too big for them. So really, what you should do when you want to wear 2 diapers at once and have the fluid transfer from one to the next is cut out most of the panel on every diaper except the last one. I've only ever tried this with 2, and I don't really think it would work if you tried with 5 diapers or something.

    I've tried a banana in a diaper, but that was really disgusting so I'll probably never do that again. I haven't tried the marshmallow trick and probably never will. Other than that, I don't really do anything to my diaper to "enhance" it, except maybe use Baby Powder (that, I always use).

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    All I've ever done is double them up and use baby powder. I have used a laxative with a diaper before, but I will never ever ever do that again lol.

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    I took a shower in a goodnite once =p

    That was interesting until it ruptured and I had to clean it up. I feel like it was definitely worth i though.

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    Hmm... nothing like you've mentioned, nope. I've done the marshmallow trick (reccomended for anyone who hasn't tried that yet ^_*)

    Other than that, nothing else I can think of lol. I should start getting more creative!

    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    I took a shower in a goodnite once =p
    Oh, I did that with a Bambino once. Did you guys know diapers can explode lmao? Lol, not my brightest moment.

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    Taking a bath in a diaper is kind of fun, doesn't explode so easily since it's weightless, just take it off before you stand up and roll it right into a garbage bag after the tub is drained. If it's taped on tight being constrained in gel is a weird feeling.

    I will have to try the lotion thing... sounds nice.


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    I once put one of my goodnites over a radiator MNNMMNN that was awesome afterwards. lovely and warm in a wintery month (it was before Christmas... I think..... IDK)

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    Ive done some things like this, I too had poured warm water down my diaper so that it swelled up all nice, feels so great^ ^. I once had a wet diaper but didnt want to lose the feeling, so I hopped into the shower with it on so it would swell up to the max then id walk around in the bathroom with it on (i dry it off good enough so that it doesnt leak too much. Another thing i tried was save one or two of the swelled up diapers for later so i can put them as inserts for my fresh diaper. A few time before I had put body soap inside my diaper, I spread it inside so that I would feel it all around, felt so nice^ ^ not to mention it smelled great too lol.

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    I too, have poured water down the front of the diaper to make it swell, I went in my hottub a few times with a diaper on; you have to be careful though that it doesn't explode. In hindsite it probably wasn't a good idea to go in the hottub with a diaper on, for privacy's sake.

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    Ive also poured water down the front and back of my diaper.

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