Well, I am now upgraded from a lurker, and feeling less scared about posting. I know people are going to be like "Why use a baby diaper, etc?" And to answer that question now, there's a bunch of reasons, but who cares what they are. I sometimes use baby diapers, and here's what I do to increase the absorbency.

When I wear baby diapers, I wear either Pampers Cruisers 7 or Baby Dry 6. Neither of these diapers have very good absorbency, but when you add a Huggies Overnight 6, you have a very thirsty little diaper. By stuffing the Cruiser or Baby Dry with a method that can be found somewhere on here, I think.

I fit into a Cruiser 7 or Baby Dry, and by fit, I mean I don't have to tape it, staple it, etc... The only problem was absorbency, and this fixes it. With my modified baby diaper, I can flood it, and not worry about a single leak. With my experiences so far with them, I am very impressed, I have really put them through their paces, and have not yet had a single leak. They hold multiple wettings, but they do have their limits, and they are still not as absorbent as an adult diaper.

I'll post a couple pictures later, if I can figure out how to do it. People may be against modifying diapers, but I love these once they are done! Anyone who likes baby diapers, or who only has access to baby diapers should definitely try these!