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Thread: When we talk about "hip size," are we talking about actual hips or the butt?

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    Default When we talk about "hip size," are we talking about actual hips or the butt?

    Do I measure my butt or just above it because most peoples waist is about the same as their hips on here and my butt and waist have a huge difference. I am guy if it matters.

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    i think that since your a guy its mainly hip size because guys butts dont come out a lot and also for me i like to have it close to the hip so it doesnt fall off when i use it and stand up. ps im a guy.

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    Hips are above your butt, they should be the widest spot at about your belly-button height, if that makes any sense? You should be able to feel the bones, where your hip is. I would think when talking about "hip" size, that is the area you are actually talking about. Not sure if anything I just said made much sense, but I hope so...

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