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Thread: Best Methods to Dye your Plastic Pants and/or Diapers?

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    Default Best Methods to Dye your Plastic Pants and/or Diapers?

    I usually wear disposables during the day, but for many years I've also worn plastic pants and cloth diapers, especially at night. Recently, I've thought about changing the color or dyeing them. One time, about seven years ago, my wife accidentally washed three or four pairs of the VIP Gerber-style plastic pants with a red shirt of hers (man, I really wish VIP was still in business). Anyway, they came out of the washer pink! To tell you the truth, I was not all that thrilled about it at the time. She got a kick out of it, though.

    My question is this. Has anyone purposely dyed plastic pants or white cloth diapers and had success? Rit Dye maybe?

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    Amazing. So nobody has tried dyeing plastic pants or diapers? Well, I'm going to try it in a few months. Shouldn't be too hard. I'll write about the experience on my blog.

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    i've got a range of trainer-pants which i've dyed to baby-blue or yellow (the yellow wasn't a good idea: it looked like a pastel hue on the packet, but turned out a bit too rich).
    some of these trainers i use over normal trad diapers, for day time use.

    the only time i've dyed plackies was by accident, when i put my red Addidas jumper in with a pair of trainers and, while the terry towelling stayed white, the plastic went pink.
    i'm not entirely sure why but, i'm guessing that the use of silicone spray on the plastic (to make it shinier, for pictures), or specifically the solvent/oil within the spray, may have softened the plastic enough for it to take the pigment (then sealed through the rinsing process). these were washed at 40C.

    i'm currently casually experimenting with my homemade cream (emulsifying ointment with a dash of Dettol) in order to age (harden) my newer plackies; i'm guessing that parafin wax will initially soften then harden the plastic. seems to work, but slower than with Vaseline, and is wash temperature dependent.
    so, i guess it's a case of using a petroleum based product to intially soften the surface of the plastic so as to allow a pigment to penetrate.

    good luck, with it. i really miss the old baby pastel colours for plackies.

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    That would be sweet. I would be all over some tye dye cloth diapers!

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