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Thread: Will Underjams fit me?

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    Default Will Underjams fit me?

    I am just over 100 lbs. but trying to lose some weight. 26" waist, 30.5-31" hips. Would Underjams fit me without ripping? I don't want to mod and would wear them all night. I am a guy.

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    You should be okay, but it's still a "Don't know unless you try them" case. Try getting a sample pack first.

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    Samples are done. I am too fat Only 5' 3". I need to lose like 10 pounds.

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    Have you considered goodnites? I mean I'm a 34" and I fit into them fine and they don't rip.

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    You may find a sample on ebay? Sure you'll have to buy it, but it's better than getting the whole pack, or do what ScottishHusky suggested.
    I'm 5' 3" with a 38" waist.

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    I do believe that will fit you, as they fit me. I am 5' 6", have a 28" waist, and weigh 125ish pounds.

    The weight is generally how they will fit in the legs, hips, how much they will hold, etc.
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    Alright, I may be new, but I have experience with both Goodnites and Underjams. Underjams will absolutely fit you. I find Underjams better than Goodnites, but that's just me. They are both for different body types. Underjams fit me better, so I have less leaks with them. But that's just my experience, try to find Underjams and Goodnites on sale, and go buy a pack of each and try them out. I'm sure you'll prefer one over the other in the end. Oh, I might add, I have worn them overnight, and Goodnites do stand up better overnight better than Underjams (the sides rip on them, not because they don't fit, but because I toss and turn in bed.) But with that said, I still prefer Underjams, they leak less on me.

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    I found that I was doing the hips wrong. I have 28" inch hips, not 31".

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    Underjams L/XL will fit just fine, as will the larger Goodnites. With the body size you have, you should be able to wear them overnight without any problem. Just don't count on them for huge capacity, they don't have it.

    I'd experiment with them in the daytime just to see how much they hold and how likely they are to rip

    And 100 pounds sounds like a nearly ideal weight for 5'3" height. Is there some reason you want to lose? (thick thighs, belly, etc.)? Better to work on the specifics than to try to lose generally.

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