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  • Yeah, I love ice cream!

    23 95.83%
  • Frozen yogurt, yum!

    10 41.67%
  • Sherbert, yum!

    7 29.17%
  • Sorbet, yum!

    8 33.33%
  • Soy ice cream, yum!

    4 16.67%
  • I don't like any of those things.

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  • Biased poll is biased.

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  • Other (please specify).

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Thread: Ice Cream - YaY!

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    Default Ice Cream - YaY!

    For this poll, I am not even going to bother listing options for different flavors or brands.

    I am partial to the Mochi Green Tea ice-cream pastry balls.

    And Ben & Jerry's Phish Food.

    And Klondike Bars.

    Heh, do you like ice cream, and if so, what kind of ice cream do you like?

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    I really love the Chocolate Moose Tracks from Denali. Also pretty much anything with chocolate and peanut butter haha. Unless I'm having Pie la Mode ;3 then I stick with plain ole' vanilla.

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    Ice cream? I eat just about anything except for the funky stuff. Like spumoni. (I've personally renamed it 'Spew-moni', but mainly because I don't like pistachios or cranberries.)

    I really love anything with chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter or vanilla.

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    being a simple man with simple tastes, i prefer the olden days for iced-cream because most of the new stuff is just thickener and water.......but, there are some delicious exceptions:
    Ben and Jerry's - only tried a few flavours, but everybody seems to love them;
    Tesco's own brand caramella flavour - it's 2 tubs for 3 quid!

    and i do miss the olden days for when you could get proper iced-cream from the iced-cream van: today it's just watery stuff with no flavour - it's supposed to be vanilla, but it tastes of nowt. and, in the olden days, they also did strawberry, banana, chocolate and the green one flavours. why not now?

    and while the Yanks may get some stick for their shenanigans in all sorts of things, i think they need a big 'thank-you' for reintroducing decent iced-cream to the British market. so, ta.

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    While I was not born in Texas, I have spent a good part of my adult life here, and one of the best products from Texas is Blue Bell ice cream (not to be confused with Blue Bunny.) Blue Bell has a great selection of flavors (Pecan Pie is one of my favorite "flavors"), but even the Homemade Vanilla is excellent. The creaminess, texture, flavor and sweetness are just right. Too many other brands now have too much air in them to have a good texture.

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    Blue Bell.

    Banana Pudding.

    Natural Vanilla Bean.

    Howdy Y'all!

    For the record I like a lot of other flavors/ brands but those 2 are consistently in mah freezah!

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    I love that freeze-dried "astronaut" ice cream, the Neapolitan kind. Anybody have any clue what I'm referring to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by onecho View Post
    I love that freeze-dried "astronaut" ice cream, the Neapolitan kind. Anybody have any clue what I'm referring to?
    Yes, I've had some of that kind before, it was strange. I didn't like the consistency of it once it melted in my mouth.

    Other than that, I love Blue Bell Milk Chocolate ice cream, any basically anything from Bops (Ice cream place)

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