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Thread: Hello ADISC, nice to meet you

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    Hello everyone. I'm a bit of a geek (computers, sci-fi, tinkering with electronics) I work for an orginization that will be un-named for my privacy, I'm married to an awesome woman that knows about my intrests but isnt a participant (totally cool), and i've attended some college but have stopped classes to pursue some self-study in areas I didnt feel my teachers were meeting my expectations in.
    I found out about ADISC as i was googling the subject and it seems like a pretty strong and relativley mature community that I would like to participate in and meet people with like minds. I have worn diapers on and off for aproximatley 6 years now, always going through binge and purge cycles as many others do. I consider myself more of a DL, but the tendency for AB is there i just have not explored that side as much.
    I'm and avid reader, and I enjoy cooking almost anything. Beer is a passion and hobby of mine as well. My career field is also my hobby, I work in a network/computer security type field and it has become a blackhole for my time. There is always something new to read or learn.
    I came here just looking for some support in a way. Because my wife does not participate she also dosn't enjoy it being brought up in conversation. I guess I'm looking for like minded people to converse with on a occasion. Thanks everyone and I'll look forward to meeting many of you at some point in time.

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    Welcome to the community!

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