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Thread: Dr. Kang brand

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    Default Dr. Kang brand

    Disposable Adult Diapers Large Size 10 Pcs -

    Anyone know anything about these? The look like they have a print on them, or at least a design strip for the tapes.

    Anyone used this site before either?

    Adult Diapers, Diapers For Adults, Adult Diaper Pants (2041Grid)

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    Haven't heard of the Dr. Kang brand, but I assume it is a store brand that wouldn't be too impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    Haven't heard of the Dr. Kang brand, but I assume it is a store brand that wouldn't be too impressive.
    Actually I'm pretty sure it's an Asian market diaper. The site in the link (Dino Direct) is a direct ship importer and I've ordered from them before (just not diapers) and the items were shipped direct from Korea. I wanted to try some of the Asian diapers but the descriptions don't always match the pictures (it will be a 6 tape brief but is described as a pull on type diaper) so I haven't tried it. I'm just worried I will order what I think are plastic backed diapers and end up with cloth.

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    I personally think these diapers look pretty cool. Let us if know if you end up trying them out!

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    haha i cant believe they are selling that for 22 us dollars that better include shipping becasue i have seen diapers in china go for alot cheaper... for a pack of 10 they usually run for like 4.75 us i think lol. That site is making a huge profit. I would be interested to hear what u think of those diapers if u get em..

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    These dont look to bad really, id also like to know how they are

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