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Thread: Buying AB Stuff - recommendations

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    Default Buying AB Stuff - recommendations

    Hi Everyone

    I hope I'm not duplicating an earlier thread.

    I'm looking at buying some stuff, possibly a a sleeper or two, a romper etc and a adult sized pacifier, among other things...

    I was wondering if people could post links to online places they've bought from and would recommend again...


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    For a good, quality pair of footed pajamas, I highly recommend "Snug as a Bug". They have a good website; just google it. (Sorry. I'm not quite sure how to paste in a link as I'm writing this in my phone.)

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    I found a bunch of stuff on eBay at the moment I'm looking at a nuk5 probably going to buy it today.

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    Well, as far as sleepers go, the best in the UK (or anywhere, IMHO) is the All-In-One Company, but they are pricey. Otherwise, Big Feet PJs, or even Primark.

    If you want a NUK 5, eBay is your best bet - there are practically always a few on sale.

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    Thanks everyone for the advice. I meant to mention I was looking in the UK though. Wow the US has such awesome stuff....I really want to plan a trip there !

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    It definitely depends on how much you're willing to spend. In my opinion Privatina is undoubtedly the best website there is for adorable AB clothes. They have got the biggest range of AB clothes I have seen online, and in my opinion the cutest. All of their clothes are custom made to size, and they are of an amazing quality. Considering they are custom made and arrive from oversees my items also arrived very quickly. The only downsides are that if you choose a printed fabric you can only choose the colour (eg: blue, pink, yellow) and you will receive a random printed fabric, and that their items are definitely on the pricey side. The Privatina website is here: privatina - individual one piece fashion

    I ordered a sleeper from Cosy N Dry and was very pleased with it - the quality was very good, Margaret who owns it was very helpful and it arrived really quickly. However, I have also ordered a custom made pair of shortalls from them, and although the service was excellent they were a little on the small side - not sure if this was a problem with my measurements on their side or mine though. Anyway, generally I would say that I have been happy with their products, and they are much cheaper than Privatina, although as with almost any AB supplier they are still kind of pricey. The Cosy N Dry website is here - Cosy n Dry - Adult Baby Clothing, Adult Babywear, Ageplay Products and Much More

    If you just want a simple, rather than a babyprints, onesie then I would recommend Rackety's. Their onesies are plain and not at all babyish, but they are pretty cheap and are of a fantastic quality - the material is really soft and thick and the snaps really strong. I have washed mine loads of times but it has held up it's quality. I bought mine in the largest child size, but I would assume the adult vests are of the same quality as the adult ones.The Rackety's website is here - Disabled Clothing, clothes for disabled adults and children Rackety's

    I would also agree that the All-In-One-Company is another great UK based place to get footed sleepers. You can customise them loads and add hoods, ears, tails, mittens etc which is great and they have quite a good variety of fabric. The only downside to them is that most of the customisable options are quite expensive, meaning that the sleepers usually end up being pretty pricey. But they are custom made, fit well and are of a good quality. Their website is here -

    As for buying adult pacifiers, I can't really help you there as I don't really like adult sized pacifiers - I just buy regular baby pacifiers, and although I like to think of myself as a bit of a pacifier expert, my knowledge doesn't extend to adult pacifiers. But, the only adult sized pacifier readily available in the Nuk 5 - if you want to buy a regular unmodified Nuk 5 then they are usually available on ebay, or I bought mine from Cuddlz - Cuddlz ABDL Adult Nappy Diapers Store. Cuddlz also do a small range of clothing - onesies and pyjamas.

    If you want a modified pacifier with a babyish shield, then Cosy N Dry have a limited selection of pacifiers available, or Inner Child have a much larger selection of pacifiers available and are based in the UK. They also sell unmodded Nuk 5s and I think are the cheapest place I have seen for them. I have never ordered from them and so can't testify on their service, but I have heard reports from other people in the community buying from them and have only heard good things. Their website is here - Inner Child

    The other obvious place to get a modded Nuk 5 is from Pacifiers R Us, who also do quite a large selection and people always have good feedback regarding. However, their modded pacifiers are really expensive, and that's before you calculate in shipping - they're based in the US.

    The only other place I can recommend you look is ebay - I have bought a couple of pairs of footed pyjamas on ebay and there are often lots of lovely clothes available. Unfortunately, I am a girl and most of the clothes are made for men and have huge chest sizes which would be way too big for me, but being a guy you might not have that problem.

    Also, take a look at the AB/DL reviews found under the articles system - Loopy has reviewed and compared a few different onesies and sleepers, so his reviews in particular may be worth reading to help you make a decision:

    Finally, here are a few more UK sites I know of which sell clothes, but which I haven't ever used:
    adult baby onesies, from the UK's finest adult baby source.
    Big Baby Fun : Welcome
    Adult onesie, romper suits, onesies for adults, romper suits, pyjamas, PJs, sleepsuits, sleep suit, onesie, all-in-one, all in one pajamas

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    Hi Jess

    Thanks so much for the help ! Your replies are always so in-depth and useful. I've just placed an order so hopefully it will arrive in time for the weekend ! :-)

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