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Thread: Do you prefer plastic covered disposable diapers? Good news then...

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    Default Do you prefer plastic covered disposable diapers? Good news then...

    It really worried me when the "cloth like cover" thing came about as it sounds like many of you felt the same. As a DL I'm in to the whole feel of the plastic both when I touch the diaper and the feeling of the soft, warm, thick plastic sensation on the insides of my thighs when I'm wearing them. So when the cloth like trend came about I was really worried that I would lose this thing that so comforted me. Anyway, I'm starting this thread for those of you out there that may feel this way and wish you could get the plastic covered diapers back. Well as I illustrated deep within another thread THE PLASTIC IS STILL THERE!!! Some of you already know this so I'm not trying to tell you anything new, but for those of you don't...lemme tell ya...there is hope for you.

    Okay for me I discovered this while playing with the Goodnights Boxers a year or two back. I have about a 33 - 34" waist so I'm always trying to get baby/youth style diapers to fit me one way or the other and in doing so with these boxers I soon found out that they are based upon a regular plastic diaper, perhaps size 6. Which got me to thinking... If it's not broke why fix it? Meaning the diaper companies generally don't, on a whim, spend large sums of money fixing what isn't broke. Meaning the "cloth like" thing might somehow just be an add-on rather than a re-engineered cover without the plastic. So I began to dig around through my diaper stash and found several size 6 baby diapers with "cloth like" covers. The I proceeded to dissect them and see what they're made of. It didn't take long to discover that every baby diaper I tore apart was actually an authentic plastic baby diaper with just a thin film constituting the cloth like cover. Then through a little more fiddling I figured out you could easily peel that little sucker right off and get down to the prize...the original plastic diaper cover! In order to keep the tapes on you need to take scissors and cut the cloth like film around them.

    So now I can take a cloth like cover diaper and in about one minute give you a true, honest to goodness, plastic diaper. What a relief!

    I've not yet tried this with an adult sized diaper, but it should hold true if this is important to you.

    Again I realize some of you know this little factoid already, but for those of you that don't...please enjoy!
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    Awesome! Thanks for the tip, it's always good to see a bit of scientific method making life better for everyone XD.

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    It's pretty funny, yet sad, how naive people can be in general. The diaper makers lead parents to "believe" that they were going to be making cloth covered diapers for now on, in order to make many of them happy, pretty much knowing that they wouldn't discover the plastic shell underneath.

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    Sure - but the cloth-plastic-laminate is different in many technical ways from a pure plastic cover...

    First and mostly: The materials thickness... the cloth-backed stuff has a comparably thin layer of plastic which on it's own isn't very stable and is easy to split, puncture, rip...
    The cloth part also comes in handy to stabilize the little plastic which is laminated to it.

    Secondary: Type of plastic... whilst generally speaking there are varying kinds being used in different brands - some are formulated different...

    all in all - yes you can peel off the cloth part but you will be left with a much less "stable" diaper... and sometimes with none, depending on how the cloth part was bonded to the plastic part.

    here's what I do (I prefer the plastic diapers myself - although I don't really care much about that aspect... ): wear a nice plastic pant on top...
    that way it doesn't really matter

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    Good point tommygun. The plastic shell isn't often of the same great quality of yesteryear.

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    I hate the cloth like covers my self and I feel the baby and adult diapers have been cheapened up in quality since the 1980's and on.
    many diaper companies are more focused on profits then a products that serves it's intended purpose.

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