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    Default first time in awhile

    been reading around here a lot lately finally decided to register.

    however, reading around here made me get the urge to buy some goodnites. cant wait until they arrive, online shopping ftw. it will be my first time in like a year that ive been able to wear. im so excited! i wish i could afford a steady supply of bambinos or something, but that will come in time. hopefully ill be able to wear pretty much all the time starting soon

    reading everyones stories and all that has really got me to want to start wearing again, and for that i thank you

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    Good to hear from you! If you can spare a few minutes we'd like to hear a little bit about your story, who you are, and that sort of thing... I know it's hard, I finally did it after several years of lurking here. There's a thread for introductions in the public forum.

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