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Thread: Many musicians here?

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    Default Many musicians here?

    As per the title! Who here plays an instrument? String, wood, brass, percussion, electric, whatever. In a band? Write? Which genre, what gear. Anything you want to contribute! Hell, even link stuff you've recorded.

    I personally play guitar - acoustic, electric, bass. No current band but I do occasionally write - generally dark sounding metal, with a smattering of melancholy acoustic stuff.

    Let's hear it!

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    <- Points towards his avatar. I have played piano since 3rd grade (I think) and the organ since 12th grade.

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    Been playing electric guitar for about a year. Mostly 80s heavy/power metal, with some prog metal as well. Been hoping to pick up the bass and learn some Randy Coven-esque hard rock/jazz fusion, eventually.

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    Bass guitar, mainly in a church music group - if that counts.

    I did play with an amateur covers band for a while. Which makes life terrible, because it means I can hear who the writers of contemporary church songs have stolen from - direct lifts from "Wonderful Tonight", "I believe in Angels", the Village People, and so on...

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    I play mostly guitar. Electric, acoustic, sometimes bass. Been at that for 18 years. I played drums from a while but can't have a kit where I live. I did some piano too but not enough to really play well. The latter two I know enough of to write for. Speaking of writing, l I've always written just not lately. I mostly lean on rock, sometimes punk but I can do a little blues and would like to give jazz and country a try. I also like big, jangly chords.

    As for gear, Strat, two Les Pauls, an Epiphone acoustic and some Stingray knockoff. Sort of wish I spent the extra cash and got a P-Bass.

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    Played a few years of Piano... Mostly Acoustic guitar at the moment...

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    I've played tenor saxophone and the piano. Sax was fun, hated the piano. The ONLY reason I ever touched that foul, black-and-white keyed succubus is because I'm Asian and evidently there's a commandment saying "Thou shalt play piano or violin if thine skin is yellow".

    Now I'm trying my hand at guitar, both electric and acoustic. Best instrument ever! I don't know how many years it'll be before I can play my favorite songs, but heck I'm happy as a clam playing 4-chord pop songs.

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    I play guitar (electric and acoustic), bass (electric), drums, piano, and keyboard synth (a Moog). I play lots of blues and jazz on guitar, rock/alternative/punk on drums/bass, motion city soundtrack stuff on the Moog, and pop/rock on piano. My main instruments are guitar and bass though, so I mainly listen to and play jazz, blues, and rock.

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    I played the clarinette at school, from 7th to 12th grade - mostly Jazz (fun fact, you tend to get borring parts in a Jazz band as a clarinetist -_-). I have not played since, but I might get back into it at some point - it really is a lovely instrument.

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