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    Default whats up

    babygirl4 i love diapers and other baby things

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    Hey there, and welcome.

    I hate to say it, but that really wasn't much of an introduction. I mean, we're all actual people here, conversing about actual things. We'd love to know more about you aside from the diapers, since most of us here are into diapers in some way, shape, or form. Why don't you check out this brilliant cheat sheet and give it another go?

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    well i sleep in a crib and love drinking out of bottles and sleeping witn a plush Oshawott and tiger also i sleep only in a diaper with a

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    Do you always sleep in a crib. I'm also guessing, since your a TB on your profile, you've told your parents about your diaper fetish and they accepted you for liking diapers. Am I right? That's actully pretty cool if you can do all that everyday wihout having to hide it from your parents.

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    i have just woke up from my nap 2 hours ago and i am currently in my Favorite diape

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    So, again, since you list yourself as a TB, how is it that you sleep in a crib?

    Also, do you have any other interests besides diapers (considering, so far it seems all your posts are about diapers)?

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    my parents gave me a adult size crib and other baby things thats how

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    I smell plaster. or plastic? not the kind used for diapers... i know! it's a mask! babygirl4, can you give a solid answer? your answers so far make your account like it's false or you're just not serious about this. please correct me if i'm wrong, i don't like to narc.

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    well i wear Cushies and i love them

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