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Thread: how do you feel when you used a diaper

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    Default how do you feel when you used a diaper

    i have such a rush

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    depends on what way I use them. If I wet then really it feels like no big deal but sometimes it's nice having a warm patch.

    if it's a mess I just think to myself "oh boy here we go again" as I go to get the wipes out!

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    Whether I pee or mess I get a pretty good rush from it. after a while though I start to come down and I feel a bit bad about myself. sorta like a mini-binge -purge cycle.

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    I feel a sense of peace and comfort, and I often want to continue to wear diapers throughout the day. If it ends in self gratification, then I lose the desire for maybe a day or two. After that period of time I'm ready to wear again. The cycle continues forever.

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    i also feel like the stress has gone i also have a sense of comfort

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    why what? seriously, expand what your asking and saying on here. Just a bit of friendly advice. it helps make the topics more interesting.

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    Because I don't wear Goodnites with the intent just to use them. I go through a pack in a couple months.
    I do feel a sense of relief when I do wet, it's not my pants. Better yet when I'm wearing Goodnites if I have the runs.

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