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Thread: When did accept yourself?

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    Default When did accept yourself?

    At what age did you guys accept yourself as being an AB, DL, etc. Like when did you stop with the whole "this is horrible I am never going to do this again I'm disgusted with myself" to finally saying "I'm an AB etc, so the hell what. It's who I am"
    I could say for myself I accepted myself this year at age 18 where I feel comfortable with my identity. I know as an earlier teen I was repulsed by my desires as many others were too and adisc helped a lot. This is not a when did you find out you were not the only one rather when did you accept it and stopped fighting it.

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    I never really cared what others thought of me. I had a self-image that I cared about and that's about it. Unfortunately it can make you somewhat of an outcast, but when you aren't interested in satisfying anyone but yourself it makes life a lot more relaxed.

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    I haven't ever really completely said this is me, I'm A DL. The closest I have come to self acceptance was my second year of college when I was 19. I still question myself just not as bad as I used to. I'll also admit as time goes by I seem to be loosing my interest in being a DL.

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    Yea I guess the self acceptance is kinda like saying screw societies informl norms. In a way forgetting what people think

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    I finally began accepting myself when I mustered the courage to talk about it with my wife, and she willingly accepted it.

    Hanging around here and DD, where I discovered I wasn't nearly as "into" it as many other folks, probably helped.

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    I would say 15 or so. I can't pin down a specific event or epiphany. It was more just I discovered that there was an actual name for what I felt. Sort of, "Oh, I'm an AB."

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    i started having ab like feelings when i was 6 and entered foster care. being in diapers full time i guess it made perfect sense to crawl into a toddler head space to escape what was going on. on the other hand my life was still a horrible mess from many different angles and i really didnt accept fully who i was and become okay with it till a couple years ago. i think later on in my life the urinary and fecal incontinence and how i was perceived by other people just made the coping mechanism i chose harder to accept. it also made it hard to accept i was gay in many ways....

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    Probably would say when I was about 20 or 21, I bought diapers and said I was never going to purge again and stopped caring about what other people might think of who I am and just accepted it. Probably been the most satisfying and happiest time of my life.

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    Always have, as far as I can remember. The feelings came and I never gave them a second thought.

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    Prior to my wife and I getting married. I felt a huge sense of relief after she and I had several heart-to-hearts about me being a DL and her totally accepting me. I didn't REALLY accept this character quality of mine until she accepted it as just who this guy she loves really is. So maybe it's sad to say it took someone else to accept me before I could accept myself (being a DL), but in order for her to accept me I needed to be honest with her and myself. That takes a lot of courage considering I was opening myself up for how she REALLY felt about it and I took a chance on her either accepting me or rejecting me. So I guess my being totally honest with her was in effect me showing her that I accepted myself? I'm glad I didn't hide it from her (being a DL) because that would be essentially cold faced lying to her and making me seem like something I wasn't. The upside is she now knows all my "secrets" and I still get to enjoy wearing diapers knowing she's cool with it.

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