Hello, and welcome to your first edition of the new monthly newsletter!

Recent News:

We've had lots of exciting updates to the site since the last newsletter came out around the turn of the year. Here are just a few of them:

  • The groups system has been reorganised, now with clearer categories and work has begun to move all the groups into categories which will better fit them. If you belong to a group and think that it could do with being moved to a different category, then please let us know via the requests forum.
  • Mobile support has increased! If you browse ADISC from a mobile device like an Android or iPhone you can now use some sexy new features like 'Reply to All' in private messaging, and BBcode support.
  • Moo recently posted a "4.0 Honours List" to let everyone know how much effort so many members put in to helping the site upgrade to the 4.0 version of the site last year. It's nice to know how much time people invest in the site, and their names will be there forever-more letting people know what a great job they did!


Hot Threads


Featured Article: Babyjess's Guide to Pacifiers

If you've ever had questions about pacifiers, you'll want to take a look at this month's featured article. In her guide to pacifiers, babyjess presents a comprehensive overview which details everything you need to know about the topic. She first gives an overview of pacifiers, detailing the different parts and their variations, and then offers a look into the lineups of 5 major pacifier brands. The article contains many useful pictures comparing the different options available.

So, if you're in the market for a brand new pacifier or have simply ever been curious about what's out there, then give our featured article, Babyjess's Guide to Pacifiers a read.


Also, while we're on the topic of articles, NutFreeFruitCake has something to say:

Quote Originally Posted by NutFreeFruitcake
Have you mastered the secret to stuffing diapers? Are you a blogging pro? Are you looking for an awesome and lasting way to share your unusually detailed knowledge of some subject with the rest of ADISC?

Well then, consider writing an article!

An article is a longer-form posting which gets archived in our Articles section. An article gives a detailed overview of a topic using some combination of text, links, pictures, and any other tools you can use in a forum post. It’s an opportunity for you to share your knowledge with the ADISC community in lasting fashion, using the same format you’ve already become accustomed to from posting in the forums.

As a small incentive, all accepted articles automatically receive at least one point of rep, with some exceptional articles receiving more. We have an Article Requests Thread where you can both suggest things that you'd like to see and use as a list of ideas for writing your own article.

If you'd like to take on an article, then just take a look at this style guide, and either post your interest in the Articles Requests Thread or send a PM to NutFreeFruitcake.

Member Interview: spddan!

So, you're one of new our moderators, what do you do?

Well, I have been brought onto the staff team as what is known as a 'Safety Mod.'
As a Safety Mod, it is my job to help ensure that ADISC remains a safe online habitat for all of its members, regardless of age. In particular, I help to keep the place free of people who lie to us about their background. I specifically look for people on the site who are lying to us about their age, as it is dangerous to have people on this site who pretends to be younger than they really are.

People will see me around the forums. I am a typical member really; I just have additional responsibilities now on the site, which I do enjoy doing. I want to encourage any member of the site to contact the staff team if they ever feel uncomfortable with another member here, to post about their safety concerns in the Requests forum. Safety Moderators are able to look into things and find out the truth about the situation, which enables us to make clear-cut decisions that should help to maintain member's security on this site. We keep this information confidential, and don't use it for any other purpose than to identify and deal with security risks.

Aside from my duties as a Safety Mod, I am also actively helping to keep the forums clean and well maintained, which includes content management, locking threads that have gotten out of hand, and dealing with conflicts between members. I am also an OP in the IRC chat room. While I may not be the most present there at the moment, I do intend to become more active as time goes on. It is just not my primary focus.

And how did you feel when you were given the position?

Moo told me he was appointing me to the position one afternoon in mid November, in a private message on the ADISC IRC chat channel.

I felt a lot of emotions, really. I was pleasantly surprised, as I knew I was being considered but was not sure if I would be chosen and trusted with the task. I was a bit nervous and was at least a little unsure of how people would perceive me as a staff member, but I was also confident that I was going to be able to handle my new jobs and that the position would ultimately be great experience for me.

Really, the task of being an OP in the IRC channel was what took me a bit more by surprise, as I was not aware I was being considered for that, and was simply not expecting it. That, too, was a pleasant surprise though, and I am learning the ropes from the other OPs who are a bit more familiar with the channel than I am. It's a great experience and I am learning a lot already.

What brought you to ADISC in the first place?

Well, I have always been fascinated by diapers. There's no real denying that here. The feel, the smell, the bulk, the look, everything about them has just always been in my thoughts. I felt as though I was defective for quite some time, and I really was uncomfortable about the whole topic. I used to go through nasty binge/purge cycles when I wasn't able to accept myself as an Adult Baby/Diaper Lover.

Finally, I got over my fear of joining an ABDL community, and found ADISC after a little snooping around on Google. I loved the atmosphere and the intelligence. The site was really just what I was looking for - a place for normal people to go to discuss anything in life, as well as diapers, and to not be judged over the diaper interests. There was just one big requirement - that it couldn't take over your life, and I personally loved that. This sit was a perfect fit, and I signed up as soon as I got locked out after viewing the maximum allowed number of pages.

Really, what I needed was good wisdom and support, and this site was, and still is, the best around for that.

What's the story behind your name?

Well, I couldn't come up with a name when I went to register. I always have a hard time figuring out what name to use. So, I decided to use SPD, which stands for Sensory Processing Disorder (a disorder that I have myself) and my first name, Dan, to form the username. That left me with SPD Dan, so I combined the two words and changed all the letters to lowercase. People have asked how to pronounce it, and I just pronounce it as ess-pee-dee-dan, but people are free to pronounce it as spa-dan, spee-dan, etc. if they wish.

I have considered changing my username before, but too many people think I should keep it as it is. The same goes for my avatar, which I got shortly after joining this site and modified it the following winter.

Can you tell us a few random (yet interesting) facts about yourself?

Hmmm, random, yet interesting. Well, am a big time collector; I have about 20 video game systems, thousands of hockey cards, tons of books, and every DVD set of "The Simpsons" ever made. I've lived in the same home my entire life. I was born tongue-tied with twelve toes. I played trombone for several years and memorized over 60 years of consecutive Stanley Cup winning hockey teams. I set a school record in 9th grade CP Biology by eating 55 cooked and prepared teriyaki and soy meal worms.

Now that I've gained everyone's 'weirdo' stares, next question please.

What was your favourite childhood movie?

Oh man! Wow, this is a hard one. I'll come up with a list, though I have a hard time sorting and ranking them. I would have to say my all-time favorite was Toy Story, which blew people's minds back when it came out. I also loved The Lion King, Dumbo, Bambi, The Land Before Time, Scamper, 101 Dalmations, The Rescuers Down-Under, George of the Jungle and a ton of other movies. If you asked me back then though, I would have probably answered with Jurassic Park or Die Hard, trying to show that I was 'a big kid' like my older siblings and didn't watch the kid's movies.


Featured Groups:

Gamers: 273 Members

This group is for gamers of all types: computer, consoles, handheld or even paper and pen. If you like to play games then this is the group for you. The group is now run by Hex, and recent topics have included "Xbox names and steam names" where people can share their gaming names so they can play together, and "Oh Sh** Moments" where people can share their funny or odd moments where that phrase might be appropriate.

The Plushie Federation: 161 Members

This group is for anyone who has or loves stuffed animals, etc. If you collect, keep, sleep with, or just love stuffed animals this is the group for you. The group is run by Antropov, and recent topics have included "naming them?" which asks members how they go about naming their plushies, and "YOUR stuffed animals!” which lets people post pictures and/or descriptions of their stuffed animals.


Adisc Events:

SIDF – Sleep in Diapers Friday:
An opportunity for everyone on ADISC to come together and particicpate in an international event. The first Friday of every month sees ADISC members from around the world wear a diaper of their choice from the Friday night through to the Saturday morning. Peachy's thread can be found here, and spddan's SIDF Points System can be found here.

Doodle Tuesday – An opportunity for ADISC members to come together and just draw. Members are invited to doodle whatever comes into their head on this day, the 3rd Tuesday of every month and share their creations.

Snuggly Sunday - This is a day to celebrate the love and affection our favourite snuggly friends provide. Members who participate are encouraged to snuggle up with their plushies, or maybe even take them out on a trip! It is celebrated on the last Sunday of every month. Find out more information here!

Member Awards – The member awards are in full swing, with votes about to be cast. Keep your eyes peeled in the Established Contributor's forum for the relevant threads!

Story Awards
– Corri is running another Art Award this year, where any art submissions can be entered for a chance to win some exciting prizes! You can enter into any of the three categories: visual, audio and literary. More information can be found here!


And now to wrap up, I've got a quick plea for you all! This newsletter, what with it being the first (of hopefully many) isn't very colourful. There aren't many pictures in it, just me writing a lot. If you have something you want to contribute to the newsletter, or want to submit some art for it (next months theme is "Easter") then please get in contact with Talula. All contributions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for reading