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    This would be my second introduction, but then again the first time I posted an intro here I ran away to a cruise ship for half a month and then never came back. Sorry about that. Anyway, about me, my name is Michael (as in Michael. Just Michael). I don't do paragraphs due to the fact that the only method I use to view this site is the type of iPod touch they sell on antiques roadshow. Sorry about that. I cant really post something short that helps you understand my personality, but I think it might help to imagine Franky (from skins). So, my interest in diapers? Diapers are my fall guy. When I first decided not to come back to this site I also decided to give up my diaper desires. Short story is that I've had a bad period for a long time, and I find diapers are more comforting than sex (bad picture sorry! Agh! But it's not like that). My other interests? That's a painful question, I don't really have any hobbys. I can play a console game for a couple of hours, and other times I study.(Not for the exam results, but for lack of anything else to do). I fill these experiences with sweet sweet music. My chemical romance, all time low, the pretty reckless, and you guessed right that i'm an emo. I'm at risk of creating a wall of text so I reaaly need to finish. What do I want from the site? Aww you got me... I'm going all or nothing with it this time, and I feel it's best if I have an experts opinion on my side. Anyway, that's my tiny introduction. Congratulations for making it this far, feel free to ask me anything. Feel free to correct any grammatical/paragraphological errors if you have the power.

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    When you say you worked on a cruise ship what did u do there for a half a month ? Welcome to the site...

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    I didnt work on a cruise ship sorry, I went on holiday with my family. They arent that bad, its just really overcrowded. Thats just my opinion, if you were confident i assume you would be able to make friends and just generally have a good time.

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