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    I ordered some Nylon pants from Babykins and I REALLY love them. I usually get Medium size because of my 32" waist, but this time I ordered Large to see how they fit. They fit amazingly. Because of my cycling I have large upper legs, so Mediums will leave marks on my legs. But the Large barely leaves any mark at all, and the extra crotch size feels soooo soft and comfy between my legs.

    My wife says that they are alot easier to pull over my cloth diapers also (we use the flat cloth diapers from ACD). And because they puff out all around my diapers, when I see myself in a mirror, it reminds me of a picture I have of me about 18 months in just diapers and plastic pants where it looks like they are so big on me. I LOVE IT!!!

    I just wonder if they had Nylon pants in the late '40 and '50, because I just feel so babyish when I have these on. I woke up this morning before the alarm went off and I just layed there contemplating how great they felt even with wet diapers. I didn't want to take them off!

    I hope this doesn't sound like a commercial for Babykins, but I just love these pants so much and feel so good in them that I just had to tell someone!!

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    Although Nylon reached the market in the late 1930s in time to be useful during WWII, the technical problem of coating Nylon and similar synthetic fabrics to render them waterproof was only starting to be solved by 1986. That was when a firm called R Duck Company started making coated Nylon panties for infants. Those were called "Rubber Duckies" and by 1991 Rubber Duckies and a companion product similar to a modern pocket diaper wrap were distributed in up-scale infant shops and diaper services. Unfortunately the downside to coated Nylon then was that after just a few wash cycles, even in very gentle detergent, the coating would flake off, leaving gaps which leaked badly. In 1991 R Duck had set up a subsidiary making adult-size Rubber Duckies. I bought many of them. At first they would accept returns of those with bad coating, but soon they stopped selling the adult products because of the high return rate.

    I have been buying pull-on vinyl pants from Kins of BC, Canada, since 1993. When Crissy's Creations of San Diego closed in 1994, soon followed by Virginia of Whittier, Kins became my primary supplier of vinyl pants. I have ordered a few of their polyester waterproof pants, but I have never worn them enough to find out how well they last.

    I grew up wearing vinyl Gerber pants, so when I wear cloth diapers I prefer soft vinyl. It is all a matter of what kind of waterproof pants make you happy and work for you. Kins are great people who treat customers nicely.

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    There is this place in ohio, duraline that sells waterproof nylon pants. if you get a good pair they last 4ever! they r real comfy over cloth. I like Babykins vinyl, they r not expensive--like $10/pair--and fit nice. I wear mine over their training pants at nite. I was raised in cloth and pants too, my mom thought disposables r too expensive and wasteful. My bro had cloth too.

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