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Thread: HI :) (Newish TB)

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    Default HI :) (Newish TB)

    Hello, I am fairly new to the site and am interested in finding people with the same kindof interests

    I am a 17 year old TB, my sexual orientation is straight, and i am single..
    i enjoy Pull-ups such as Goodnites, but i also enjoy Pampers Size 7. I am too nervous to buy adult diapers, but thats otay cuz i like the cute designs:p.
    wetting is cool, but not messing.

    well anyway, if your a TB with simmilar interests, message me Plz:] or reply to thread

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    Hi there Don't forget to tell us about your non TBDL side

    Also don't forget to check out the rules, and have a great time here!

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    This sounds kind of like a dating ad; but that aside, our preferred diaper isn't really much to go by for reasons to take an interest in somebody; and the nature of our fetish play isn't really all that relevant on Adisc. On Fetlife, sure. I know quite a few people here but actually don't know if they wet or mess or just wear without using: those exist) but do know all manner of other things about them.

    Maybe some time the Cali-furs gather, you could join them and they could supply you with diapers so you could at least try adult ones. If you ask I am sure our furs can enlighten you how this might be possible.

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    Thanks raccoon, as for the whole "dating add" that wasnt my purpose, just trying to put somethin out there. and what is Cali-fur exactly?

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    Straight eh? Lame. j/k

    So yah, what other sorts of stuff do you get into besides diapers et cetera?


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    mostly, skating, videogames, anime and manga. how about you?

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    By Cali-furs I meant Furries from California; you said

    I am too nervous to buy adult diapers,
    and I figured that even if you aren't furry yourself, if you could find some of them together they could provide you with adult diapers to try, basically an alternative to traditional retail. By provide, I mean "sell" as furs are often poor folk.

    Oh, I didn't think you were trolling for babes, your post simply sounded like a dating add, talking about diaper play. But it wasn't meant that way, I acknowledge, and will quit harping on that any more.

    You might expand on: which video games? Which manga? Which anime?

    You don't have to reveal really personal stuff and especially personally identifying stuff... But some detail is helpful for people to have some grounds to take an interest in you. Commonality of interest.
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