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    Post 2 things you are proud about. I made a thread like this earlier and it is proven (by that one thread) to make people learn more about others.

    For instance me:

    I'm proud of:
    • being a life guard
    • being very good in math.

    Now you! (I'll expand it later when we have a members only type of section.) But don't wait for that!

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    • My writing abilities to compensate for my lack of any artistic talent outside of the clicking of computer keys.
    • My creativity in being able to practically create an entire universe and the mechanics driving it inside of my mind.

    [/shameless flaunting] :D

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    Hmmm...two things I'm proud of having accomplished....


    • My kids
    • Taking my life back!

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    Kids certainly seem to be an amazing thing to be proud of -- you seem like a great Mom, Ayanna, so I'm sure that you raised them to wonderful standards!

    Personally, I'm proud of two things in my life.

    1) My family -- I'm always proud of my family and have such family pride. Anybody who talks serious crap about my family gets themselves treated to a knuckles sandwich -- nobody messes with my blood, my friends (who are my family), and my loved ones, and I'm very proud about all they've accomplished and all that they've done.

    2) Going back to school -- I'm proud of choosing, after seven years of stagnation, to go back and finally get my degree in English. I never thought that I'd stand up and finally decide that I needed to go back to school, but I did it and I love it.

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    I dont know how to make the dots... >.<

    - Being a super fast guitar player
    - Being able to understand stuff easily

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    I'm proud of:

    • The fact that I generally stick with things; see them through. For example I started kickboxing a few years ago, and now I'm a blackbelt! Or when I started college, I didn't crumble under pressure and quit a hard course (like a lot of people did).
    • The fact that I'm useful. (For example, Jake: click "go advanced" and click this button to get 'the dots' :p). Not just that kind of useful though, I like giving advice. And I'm reliable too!

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    I'm proud of

    1) My Maths ability aswell as my intellectual ability to solve logical and maths related questions/problems.

    2) Knowing what outdoors is like. Kinda hippicritical of me to say that when i spend more time indoors than out. But I have been to-a many camps and hikes. There is alot of stuff I take for granted in knowing what to bring and do in all weather situations etc.. So I spend a bit of time teaching the younger scouts the ways and skills of things.

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    I'm proud of...

    1 - My (FRENCH) writing skills;
    2 - Having discovered this place as well as FTT and other cool forums (and my (online) friends =D)

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    Two things I'm proud of:

    -My sympathy for people.
    - My intelligence.

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    I'm proud of:

    - my driver's license
    - being a network administrator for a big company without having a degree in it

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