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Thread: Tranquility ATN's

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    I just got some samples in the mail. I put one of them on, and, wow, these are really comfortable! I haven't actually had to pee in it yet, so I don't know how absorbent it is, yet. What kind of experience do you have with these?

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    I've used this brand for years, and I have generally never been disappointed.

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    A better diaper and very comfortable not as absorbent as the best and the blue tapes don't hold well. They are reasonably priced too especally on ebay as seconds. I always have some in my stash.

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    i tried them out recently and liked them. I thought they were a little on the thin side when dry, but they seem to have a lot of SAP because they swell up really big when wet. They also wick really well and the padding doesn't clump together. I'd get them again. I'd order a medium for myself instead of small because the smalls were a bit snug on me.

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    Incredible gelling effect. Not as absorbent as other diapers but if you love gel you will love these.

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    I find the crotch to be really narrow, so they fit a bit more like underwear than a diaper. But, they hold about half way between a Depend and an Abena, and they swell like mad.

    All in all, they're mediocre, but not bad at all.

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    Well, yesterday, I had worn that diaper until I had wet myself 3 times, after drinking 3 cups of juice. It hadn't leaked, but after the third wetting it wasn't easy to walk in, and it was really heavy, so I took it off. However, it's called "All Through the Night", meaning you're supposed to wear it at night, and I suppose if you could wet yourself at night, it wouldn't matter how heavy and hard it is to walk in, because you won't be moving. The only other diaper I've tried was crappy Depends, and crappy Attends, and amazing Abena Supers.

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    I have not had good experiences with these. I got a sample of 2 of them and one leaked and the other had broken tabs and I couldn't even put it on.

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    I've used them for a while and always liked them but I don't wet a lot so they suit me and work well when I need my diaper to be discreet.

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    My favorite aspect of these diapers is that they hide the nasty pee smell with a very strong deodorizer. These and Molicare Supers are the only two diapers I have ever really noticed the deodorizer. I wish they would incorporate this technology in ALL diapers..

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