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Thread: Laptop trouble.

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    Default Laptop trouble.


    I have a Toshiba Laptop L40 Equilibrium.
    Specs are:
    Intel 1.73Ghz,
    1Gb RAM
    120GB HD
    Intel 128MB (I think) GFX
    and other bits and bobs that I can't think of.

    Anyways. Sometime ago I had Vista on there cos it came with it and for some reason after I typed in my password it would say "Welcome" for so long and then just go to a black screen with an arrow, Nothing more.

    After a few tries I reinstalled Vista. I have lost the CD that came with the laptop but all I know it's in my room (hopefully) somewhere.

    Vista doesn't want to install properly. It's goes as far and "Completing installation..." then just sits there looking pretty and evidently dose the same thing as before. Black screen with an arrow.

    I've tried installing Windows XP. But I ether get (from booting the CD) "Make sure disk is powered on." Or If I install it via Vista (CMD) I get a BSOD saying most of the time 0x7B

    I've also went back as far as Windows 98. I got it on once but it can't see my DVD drive once installed.

    Linux (Uboobnoobtutu, Kuboobnoobtutu and Knoopix) works perfectly BUT for me to use the net I need to be wired cos for some reason it won't see my wireless but yet it pops up in a few places. Plus I would like to but a few games that Linux can't.

    Any ideas?

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    What wireless card do you have? Also, check into wine and cedega. They will allow you to play a number of games in Linux.

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    Make sure you have *completely* wiped the drive, instead of installing over a partition and/or formatting it. If you can boot a Ubuntu LiveCD, in the Gparted Partition Editor in System --> Administration, under Devices click "Set disklabel".

    Sometimes deleting a partition isn't enough, maybe setting the disklabel will work.

    Then try reinstalling Vista or XP, your choice.

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    Think you could give me some more info on the BSOD? I think I could help if I have a full BSOD call.

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    To me, it sounds like ure system files have been corrupted. either that or u have might have a problem with ure motherboard or u have devices which the software is not compatable with XP. i think i would take ure laptop back and get the people u bought it off to just replace it. it is better off doing that than voiding ure warranty cause u changed the OS of the laptop. (yes, whenever u change the OS, and continually have problems with the OS u installed, warranty won't cover u) so just play it safe and take it back.

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    No, because he tried fresh installs of other operating systems which didn't work, so that cannot be the issue.

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    I have no clue, but ill recommend asking in a more computer centralized forum. Perhaps Laptop help and repair forum

    You might get some better help there..

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