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    I recently joined this website this time im giving a some information about my life. I starting like diapers at the age of 4 rite after I was potty trained. Once I started growing up over years I did different things and ways to a hold of some diapers. It was either takeing them from my brothers daugter when she was a baby secretly which I was nine at the or by taking from other people who babies in the family. When I went to high school freshmen year one day there was a Halo 3 tornement for the video games club after school. So I had some pull-ups and i took one to school in my backpack becasue the bathrooms were closed after school (dont know why think its stupid idea to lock them). When I was in first period I wasnt looking at some point during the class and some kids got my backpack and took every thing out (I guess they were trying to turn it inside out). As they took every thing out they saw the pull-up I didnt notice till they started bursting out laufing at (sry if i misspelled laufing). It was the worst of my day of my frshmen year after that I decided never to take a diaper to school again. Up to present time I havent been doing accept trying to pass seinor year and thats it for me.
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