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    I'm currently on spring break from college, so I'm home, and out of diapers. Last wkend, I bought some bambino teddys online but I had them ship them to my college address instead of my house address, so now I'm home and I won't have any diapers for the week, just lovely.

    I never have privacy at college, so my only time I can wear them and I still don't have them. If I didn't live 3 hours away from my college, I could go up there and get them. With gas prices as high as they are and with a truck that is running like crap, I don't think it's worth it. It just makes me mad that I didn't make sure I send them home. Oh well

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    You do dumb things because you're human. I believe I do dumb things all the time because I think less of my intelligence, but somehow I'm still here. I must be doing something right. You must be doing something right too.

    For your predicament, that's going to be difficult, since you’re going to be at college with no privacy, it’s going to be hard to conceal those diapers once you get back unless you immediately throw them out.

    In terms of going to retrieve them, I would recommend trying it, but like you said, there’s gas and truck problems and also the fact that it’s a six hour drive to and from just to get one pack of diapers. I guess it’s weighing the odds of getting caught to technical nuisances.

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    yea, exactly man. I'd use them at college, but I live in a dorm with a roommate, so I can't exactly wear when I'm there. I mean as long as I don't open the box when I get back, I'll be fine, but it just makes me mad that I won't be able to wear again until after I get out for the summer in May. When the urges to wear get bad, kinda like now, it just kinda makes me wanna gnaw off my arm, but I'll live

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    It's nice to see you can control your urges. Since I've started wearing recently, the feeling of needing to wear has run rampant through me, and I've worn frequently at home and at college on some occations as a result. Maybe I'll try to keep it in moderation after this second pack.

    Good to hear this, best of luck to you.

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    I'm also living in college with a roommate right now and it is hard to find privacy, but not impossible. You just need to plan around your roommate. I know that can be hard, especially when the guy never leaves the room but you just need to keep communication open with the guy to see if he is ever going to be gone for the night or weekend. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I'll find a quiet study corner on campus and wear there. Things have gotten a lot better for me recently when I found a local ab community around my city. I've recently made a lot of great friends that understand this side of me. I would also recommend that you look around your city to see if anyone is meeting up around you.

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    At least you're well stocked for the summer break now

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    i wore all the time at school and i did it from day 1, so as not to arise suspicion, for all of a sudden being diapered. my roomates didnt care. i guess i was lucky with that. i never messed in my room or in class. i would mostly change in the bathroom. and wearing in long classes helped a lot. also i hid my diapers under my bed in a duffle bag. just some advice for if u wanted to try to war them when u get back to college

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    I went through the same issues at college. However, I didn't really start wearing until I was living in an off-campus apartment: just one roommate, my own room and a lot more privacy. I can't imagine having to deal with a dorm mate. But trust me: you aren't dumb. Everyday, we're all witnesses to seeing the insanely thoughtless and careless stuff people do. Your snafu wouldn't even rank by comparison.

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    You said:
    You have a truck that isn't running in the best of shape right now
    You said it is a 6 hour round trip.
    You mentioned that it is probably going to be costly since gas prices are so high.
    You also stated you are home alone and that the urge to wear diapers is getting pretty high.

    My thoughts would be,, why don't you drive to a local Walgreen's and buy a pack of Certainty diapers? I know they aren't the best on the market, but they are less then $20. And I don't think you'd be able to drive to your college and back for less than $20. Since you are only home for a short time, you could double up on diapers and wear two at a time (to get that bulky feel and boost absorbency). I am sure that will help take the edge off of the desire to wear diapers.

    just a thought

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