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Thread: Is this weird? D:

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    Default Is this weird? D:

    Okay so a few of you might know from a previous thread that I am about to purchase some l/xl goodnites. Strange thing is. I really cant stand the boy's ones. I never have. oddly enough, The girl's ones are just sooooo damn cute! They look really nice and cuddly . Ive never considered myself to be sissy at all. but when it comes to diapers, I tend to be more attracted to the girls ones. Someone tell me im not crazy :p

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    You're not crazy.

    We all like different things to make us feel little. If you prefer the girls prints to the boys ones why should it make a difference?

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    Umm, you're not. I assume you've come to the conclusion that liking diapers is not crazy (or your at peace with being crazy), liking a particular print isn't much of a stretch, even if it is one associated with your gender. Be who you want to be (within ethical guidelines, which again are personal) It's just ink patterns based on mostly artificial gender constructs, it's like going into an art gallery and asking only to see boy's art (I shudder to think what that would be). It's all a matter of personal preference.
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    I've gotten the girls Goodnites before. Some members say they hold more. I thought the design was more babyish.

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    you're not alone. It all depends on the individual really.

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    Seriously, fuck gender stereotypes and established gender roles. Fuck them hard. We'll be far far better off as a society and a civilization once we get over the idea that someone has to behave a certain way and like certain things and can only wear certain patterns or colours because of the shape of their dangly bits.

    If you want girls' diapers, then by all means, buy girls' diapers, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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    yeah dont worry about a dude and i wear both girls goodnites and girls pull ups 4t5t.....its not weird their comfortable and i think they feel softer and the padding is positioned better, so theirs my opinion.

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    I totally agree, when I buy Goodnites I roll with the Girls version, I don't consider myself a sissy, they are just a billion times cuter...

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    I agree with every previous post, it's just patterns and colors; life is short, enjoy yourself.

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    Yeah, I agree about who cares about gender stereotypes etc... just get what you like.... go for it! =)

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