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Thread: Not getting admin on a sever I help make because.....

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    Unhappy Not getting admin on a sever I help make because.....

    Just like the title says I helped make the server on Garrysmod and now he gave my X admin but not me because I am a babyfur.

    5:42 PM - ME: my x is an admin
    5:44 PM - ME: ....when?
    5:44 PM - Him: since yesterday
    5:44 PM - ME:
    5:44 PM - HIM :/
    5:45 PM - HIM: I'd tell you why, but you won't understand it.
    5:45 PM - ME: i bet i would.
    5:45 PM - HIM: don't think so
    5:45 PM - HIM: let me explain it to, without being mean.
    5:45 PM - ME:try me
    5:45 PM - HIM: Okay, a lot of players on my server aren't furries, neither do they want to be involved into the furry stuff
    5:46 PM - HIM: i'm not trying to say that it bothers me, but a lot of people don't like babyfurs
    5:46 PM - ME: this is waht happend at (Other server that I loved) too..
    5:46 PM - HIM: Sorry, people have a lot of problems with babyfurs, it's not my fault.


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    just ditch the server then.. there's plenty of others. Also if it's a DarkRP server then it doesn't even matter since thats the majority of game servers on Gmod.

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    It was a TTT server, I told the owner of a minecraft server to make it and he did it got popular and not my x gets Admin because hes not a babyfur and i dont

    (PS: the owner is a furry and so is my X)

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