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Thread: What is your biggest *B/DL Fantasy?

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    Default What is your biggest *B/DL Fantasy?

    What is your biggest *B/DL fantasy? Just curious. If you like this thread I have a similar one called "Whats your Story" under the Teen Baby part of the site.

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    Wearing a diaper that grows bigger and thicker every time I use it. I guess to put it simply, a diaper that holds and absorbs an indefinite amount, how much depends on the mood.

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    I had a dream a few months ago of waking up wearing a very babyish looking diaper to a girl gentely rocking me back and forth. I do not however remember too many finer details from this dream.


    I guess you could say that is my biggest fantasy so far. I'd rather keep my dreams slightly out of my reach so I can actually attain them if I work at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    I had a dream a few months ago of waking up wearing a very babyish looking diaper to a girl gentely rocking me back and forth.
    That sounded so sweet, it gave me cavities!

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    My biggest fantasy would not be appropriate for this site. lol.

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    Being in the body of my avatar, wearing a fuzzy baby blue sleeper, sucking on a paci and clutching my plushie while my fox mommy rocks me to sleep in her arms. Or alternatively, being fed a bottle of warm milk in her arms. Both, in fact.

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    How about a diaper that never leaks! everyone would agree on that one right? Since that is the single most biggest problem I ever have with them.

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    where wearing diapers would be accepted in the adult world by everyone and i wouldn't have to keep it from most people. also like said earlier a non leaking diaper. oh and like another one a diaper that could hold a larger amount than what the current ones hold so changing would be less frequently needed. in say certain situations. also a diaper that can hold 100% of the smell. also a girl who would be into what i am. can't find any near me at all. sorry bout all the also's and oh's. just thinking it up as i go... well thats all i can think of for my fantasy at this moment.

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    Having the ability to design and make my own diapers and have abdl friends to test them and talk diaper And a play room would be nice...

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    Yea i need a diaper that doesnt leak. Although i think the Leaking prob is i dont diaper myself right, i have that prob all the time

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