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Thread: I've obviously been putting this off, so here's a little about me

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    Default I've obviously been putting this off, so here's a little about me

    I'm a married adult male living in Alaska. My wife knows and accepts me for who I am, which includes that portion of my character that is DL. I have been a DL since I was old enough to stuff them in my pants. My mom would find me sleeping or walking around with my blanket stuffed in my underwear. While growing up I would take (now I know it was stealing) diapers from the church nursery and wear them. I consistently thought of diapers and I grew to love the feel of them between my legs. As I got into puberty I began to pleasure myself while wearing them. I shared this "character quality" with but a few friends and found them accepting of it and my decision to wear them for pleasure. I began to buy my own diapers when I had spare money. It must have looked odd seeing this kid riding his bike with diapers, but in the 80's it was not widely know that some people enjoyed wearing diapers. I, like many of you, thought I was the only person who felt like wearing diapers in the entire world. This presumption lasted well into college in the 90's until one day when I was using a PC in the college computer lab and stumbled upon the, now defunct, DPF website. The feeling was overwhelming when it clicked that I was one of thousands of people who enjoyed wearing diapers. Since then I've been honest with myself and others (that had a NEED to know) about my DL side. I've gone through several binge & purge cycles only to reach the point where I am now where I've amassed an enormous collection of disposables and reusables. I have many AB clothes from Babykins, Privatina, eBay, and several WAHM's. I'm not an AB per se, but I feel the clothes enhance the DL experience and I enjoy more the authenticity of wearing diapers with them. That's about it. Due to being in a small town I am not going to publicize my career, specific age, or other things that could identify me. You can guess my approximate age by the above narrative. Thanks for caring enough to read this!

    PLHG = Pampers, Luvs, Huggies, Gerber!!!
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